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Tricast Excellence Rod Range Waggler or Wand or Feeder 2pc Fishing

Tricast Excellence Rod Range Waggler or Wand or Feeder 2pc Fishing

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Excellence Waggler Rods:

These waggler rods have been made using the very latest materials to create a perfect commercial waggler rod range.
The action is parabolic and goes from the tip right through to the butt, you can even feel it bend under the reel fitting. This gives you a perfect feel when playing fish.
This is all achieved while still retaining a quick action which aids casting and allows fast line pick up.

Excellence Wand Rod:

This short rod is capable of fishing both bombs and small feeders up to 30 gr.
It has a through action with a stiffer butt section to give better casting performance and a little extra power when landing large fish.
Supplied with 3 carbon tips: 1.0 1.5 & 2oz.

    2 sections (Equal length with tip fitted)
    Weight: 108g
    Casting weight: 30g
    Line rating: 5lb

Excellence Feeder Rods:

These feeder rods use the best materials currently available and have been designed and tested by Tri-Cast consultants until they are perfect.
All models have a fast action for setting the hook quickly but when under load they bend through the top 2/3 of the rod and then the butt section remains stiffer which not only gives you more power to land the fish but aids casting ability as well.
All models are supplied with 3 tips: 1.0 1.5 & 2oz.
The rods sections are equal length when the tip is fitted.

    9ft Rod:
        Weight: 117g
        Casting weight: 50g
        Line rating: 6lb
    10ft Rod:
        Weight: 136g
        Casting weight: 60g
        Line rating: 6lb