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SpottedFin GO2 Groundbait Expanders Pellet Oil Hookbait Pellets Wafter Fishing

SpottedFin GO2 Groundbait Expanders Pellet Oil Hookbait Pellets Wafter Fishing

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Super Sweet Blend:

This Sweet Super Blend is a highly attractive sweet fish meal mix. A light blend of pellets with added fish-attracting sweeteners. A proven fish catcher, light green in colour and soft in texture with superb binding and feed carrying qualities. In development and testing this groundbait has proven to attract Bream, Skimmers, F1s and Carp. Very versatile, it lends itself to open end feeder fishing and method feeder fishing due to its quick breakdown properties. Ideal for laying a bed of feed down to fish the pole over. It has also taken bags of carp down the edge. A go to all-round groundbait.

Milled Expanders:
These 100% Milled Expanders are finely milled to produce a soft textured groundbait. Perfect for mixing dry or sloppy to leave a long, lingering cloud, enticing and holding fish in your swim. They work well mixed on their own or added to your favourite groundbait. Great for fishing in shallow water and can be combined with all loose offerings such as pellets, worms or particles to boost attraction. Suitable for a range of fish including Carp, F1s, Skimmers and Bream.

Expander Pellets:
Our Go2 Expanders take on water well and their durability allows for for perfect hooking. They have been labelled by many as the best currently available today! They can be dyed and flavoured during preparation and make a fantastic winter loose feed. To get the best from your Expanders we suggest Once your chosen amount has been pumped, place in the fridge overnight in an air-tight container with just enough water to cover the top of your pellets. By morning they will have soaked up the water and should have a perfect consistency.

Pellet Oil:
GO2 Pellet Oil is made from an exclusive blend of fish oils, which attract and hold carp in your swim, particularly effective during the warmer months. As the name suggests adding a thin coat to your feed pellets will pep them up, but more importantly ensure they all sink once in the water. Another great edge is storing your pumped expanders in some of the oil, this will give them a more durable finish and you will be able to save them for a number of sessions before they go ‘off’

All the benefits of a traditional dumbbell wafter, in that it is super simple to use on both bands or spike and are available in a selection of colours allowing you to mix and match during the session. The key difference being that it sinks, totally getting rid of the need for any shot on the hooklength.

F1 light groundbait:
Packed with lots of attractors and stimulants specifically designed to hold F1s in your swim. This versatile groundbait will cover all situations you may encounter when targeting F1s.

F1 pellets:
Packed with lots of attractors and stimulants specifically designed to attract and hold F1s in your swim. These versatile pellets cover a variety of applications from method feeder fishing to tapping in from a pole pot.

F1 Liquid food:
A super sweet liquid which smells of peaches and cream, due to the fact it isn’t oil based it can be used in even the coldest of conditions. Add to your pellets, groundbait or expanders to give them an extra pull.

F1 hi-viz wafter:
Great for carp and F1s but are a great ‘alternative’ hookbait when targeting big bream

F1 Booster Spray:
Packed with the same attractors as the rest of the F1 range, but in form which is deigned to cling to hookbaits, feeders and anything else you feel the urge to spray it on

GO2 Naturals Super Blend:
A medium texture dark groundbait which is perfect for skimmers, bream and roach. Ideally suited to still or slow moving venues. You can mix it on the drier side giving you a lovely fluffy mix for the feeder, alternatively over wet it to ball in with lots of added particle. If using it on a commercial, try it 50/50 with Sweet Super Blend.

Naturals bait sauce:
The first bait sauce specifically designed for natural venues! Coriander and Fenugreek are two additives which feature heavily throughout our GO2 Naturals range of groundbaits and are both proven attractors for silver fish. Add it to your favourite GO2 Naturals Groundbait during mixing (we recommend adding it to the water for even distribution) to give it that extra kick of attraction to help draw fish from far and wide on large natural venues.