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Savage Mack Stick Panic Prey Octopus Sandeel Surf Soft or Hard Lure Sea Fishing

Savage Mack Stick Panic Prey Octopus Sandeel Surf Soft or Hard Lure Sea Fishing

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3D Mack Stick:

Strong ABS body, based on a 3D Scan of a real mackerel, with superb details. Super stick bait action, with an unpredictable and lively action on retrieve and jerk, Wired thru and rigged with doubled Double X-strong forged split rings and SGY 4X trebles. Very versatile lure that works perfect for GT’s, Tuna, Big Jacks and Tarpon!

    3D Scanned Details
    Super strong ABS body construction
    Long Casting
    Unpredictable and lively action
    Double X-strong forged split rings
    SGY 4X UAR trebles #1/0 for 13cm and #2/0 for 17cm

Panic Prey V2:

The Lure is based on the details from an anchovy, designed for Extreme casting distance and a great walk the dog action with spitting and strong rattling sound. The Panic Prey imitates an injured and panicking prey fish on the surface. Seabass, bluefish, mahi mahi, barracudas and leerfish will be all over this lure!Fishing Methods: With the rod low or high and with fast twitch and retrieve, the lure will perform fast and sharp splashing walk the dog action.

    Anchovy details
    Extreme Long casting
    Great walk the dog action
    Spitting and rattling
    Super strong ABS body
    Ultra-sharp strong Saltwater trebles
    Hook size: 105mm, 16g, #5 ST46 TIN 135mm, 28g, #53 ST46 TIN

3D Octopus:

The 3D Octopus is based on a scan of a baby Octopus, the Body is lead alloy and the tentacles is made from super durable soft TPE. The lure has almost zero resistance in the water on the drop and will dart wide on slow jigging. On the pause the lure will hang in a realistic posture, and the tentacles will move at even the slightest current. For the bigger sizes, 115, 175 and 300g, the lure has Adaptive tie-point bridge to ease retrieve from depth. The Super Glow paint and skirt along with a built-in rattle chamber and bubble catch, the 3D Octopus hits every visual, auditory and sensory points that triggers feeding and aggression from predator fish. Built Tough with extra heavy-duty hardware, the 3D Octopus is designed to take on the most Savage predatory game fish on the ocean floor.

    Based on a 3D Scan of a Baby Octopus
    Built-in Steel rattle chamber, attracting fish from a distance
    Rail for sliding tie-point to easy retrieve from depth (3 biggest sizes)
    Bubble catch traps air and releases bubbles at depth
    Super Long-lasting glow effects on body and Tentacles
    Extremely durable TPE Tentacles
    Super Lifelike action and micro movement from tentacles
    Wide darting action on jigging
    Extra-heavy Hook to tackle the largest game fish
    Belly ring for assist hooks or blade add on


This stunning and unique lure is a supernatural sandeel imitation. The Sandeel is the favourite snack of many predators. These soft-bodied lures have the most fantastic swimming action. The sandeel is Savage Gear’s first 100% saltwater specific lure, designed mainly for vertical fishing – but have also proved to be deadly as swimbaits and even for trolling. The swimming action is so real; you have to see it, to believe it! Top quality Japanese carbon steel saltwater grade hooks, to withstand brutal attacks and land big predators. Excellent Cod, Sea Bass, Coalfish or even smaller Halibut.

    Customized Japanese Forged Carbon hooks
    Real Sandeel swimming action and profile
    Individual Pack Qtys: 2 Bodies & 1 Head
    Superb for Seabass, Cod, Pollack and any other Prey hunting Predators!

Surf Seeker:

Super long-casting lure in super light metal alloy, with a lively erratic action. On a spinstop the lure will rotate immediately away from the centerline of retrieve, flashing in the most provoking way. The lure has our unique ISP strike points in the tail.

    Super long cast design
    Erratic action
    360 immediate rotation on spin stop
    Wired thru
    SGY 2X trebles UAR finish #3
    Strong #3/0 Inline single hook included

Seeker ISP:

The Seeker lure is designed for Ultra distance casting. even in windy conditions – but the blade design allows the lure to swim very lively and erratic. with the most incredible 360-degree rotation on the slightest spin stop – creating an incredible flash in the water. Each lure comes with an Ultra sharp Savage Gear Y-treble and a wide gape beak point lure single hook. so the angler can choose which hook is best for the given condition. ISP = Intense Strike Point. by filling pre-drilled holes on the lure’s body with the strong night Glow and UV epoxy pasta. we have been able to create the most intense strike point you have ever seen! The Intense strike points draw in the Seatrout and Sea-bass. and they hit the lure hard right in the tail section where the hook is – ensuring a superb hookup rate.

    Super Long cast design
    360 Rotation on spin stop
    ISP strike points
    Ultra sharp single and treble hooks supplied
    Superb catch rate