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Savage Da'Bush Spinnerbait Spoon Spinner Lure Pike Predator Fishing

Savage Da'Bush Spinnerbait Spoon Spinner Lure Pike Predator Fishing

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The Series of Savage Gear spinnerbaits is truly unique in quality and design. We bring new innovation to a very traditional lure type in a remarkable way, with unparalleled quality components and colours. The Da’Bush Spinnerbaits, will amaze any Predator angler – due to the incredible flash and heavy propulsion in the water and the superior Colours and quality of the components. Da’Bush Spinnerbaits have a spooky, hypnotic effect on big Predators, and they attack the lure with brutal force. Da’bush spinner baits are perfect to fish through weed beds, snags and submerged lilly pads. Big spinner baits are a must in your tackle box, so make room for Savage Gear’s Da’Bush - it is unparalleled in quality, design, and action!

    X-strong stainless steel wire
    Real Silver plating
    Hand painted and tank tested
    Forged stainless steel split rings
    Customized Japanese big fish hook
    Removeable stinger big fish stingerhook
    Deluxe Tinsel and Silicone Skirt
    Immediate rotation

    14cm - 21g hook sizes: #4.5 + #2.5
    16cm - 32g hook sizes: #6 + #3
    18cm - 42g hook sizes: #8 + #4