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Savage 3D Rad or Duck or Duckling Floating Imitation Lure Pike Predator Fishing

Savage 3D Rad or Duck or Duckling Floating Imitation Lure Pike Predator Fishing

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3D Rad:

This 3D rat imitation is so radical – we just had to call it the “Rad” it’s loaded with innovative features, the 3D Scanned details will fool even the most vary predator fish and ensure you brutal attacks. Hard ultra-strong ABS body, Nylon Mesh joint with soft ears feet and tail. Attach the lure on the Bill / lip and fish on the top, like a Rat swimming with a big waking and sub surface rolling S-curve action. Attach the lure in the Nose and it will dive down and swim super realistic under the surface – make a spinstop and the lure will pop straight up to the top, with it’s high buoyancy – a brilliant way to really provoke crazy strikes. The Large size, can be fished through weedy and snaggy areas with a stinger and treble hook clipped on the back. The Soft Ears, feet and tail, truly set a new standard for a rat imitation lure. The tail is reinforced with a braid core and clips on to the body with an innovative and smart clip design – that make it easy changeable. Superb lure for Pike, Bass, Musky and big brutal Catfish!

    Length: 20cm
    Weight: 32g

    2 action styles,
    Top water wake & Diving swimming
    Belly Landing Balanced
    Noisy clunking sound
    Back hook / Weed less option for big size
    Superior 3D details and realism
    Braid core reinforced tail
    Easy replaceable tail system
    Sparetail supplied with Lure
    Finesse Mesh Joint
    Real whiskers
    Soft legs and ears
    Ultra Sharp Savage Gear Y-Trebles (#2 Medium size, 2x#1/0 big size)

3D Suicide Duck:

A super realistic Duckling top water imitation lure loaded with innovative features! The 3D Scanned details will fool even the most wary predator fish and ensure you brutal attacks! Hard ABS ultra-strong body with semi soft and durable feet. The spinning feet give the lure an incredible lively, splashing action, leaving a great bubble trail and wake calling in the predator fish from distance. For open water fishing, 2 feathered covered treble hooks, one on the chest and one on the back, clipped to the body, ensures a good hookup rate. For fishing in snaggy conditions, remove the treble on the belly, the lure is designed, so it always lands on the belly with the exposed treble hook on the back. 2 styles of action, attach the line to the Beak, and the lure will run with a low discrete posture, like a duckling trying to hide and escape at the same time. Attach the line to the chest and the lure will run higher, with a more panic fleeing action. The lure can be fished fast or slow, with steady retrieve, long pulls, and mimics a duckling in the most realistic way! Superb lure for Pike, Bass, Musky and big brutal Catfish! It is said that a great top water strike, counts for 10 regular hits – tie on the Suicide Duck and find out!!

Available in 10.5cm, 28g and 15cm, 70g.

    Great Top water Action
    Plopping and splashing feet
    Belly Landing Balanced
    Back hook / Weed less option
    Snug fit Hook clips
    Feathered hooks
    Superior 3D details and realism
    2 action styles, low and high Fleeing

3D Hollow Duckling Weedless:

What the Fruck? Soft Hollow body Duckling, Frog style! The huge success with the 3D Suicide Duck, has led to this weedless version that can be fished in heavy cover and weed – giving you even more options with this superb duckling imitation. Great side-to-side action, with perfect details on the spin stop! Now you can fish closer to snags, in tight spots, over matt and cover and in drifting weed – this will result in even more attacks from Big predator fish!

Available in 7.5cm, 15g and 10cm 40g.

    Great side-to-side top water action
    Superior Scanned Details
    Hollow body design
    Belly landing balance
    X-Strong integrated double hook
    Ultra Sharp stinger hook included