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Salmo Crankbait Hornet Sparky Shad Bug Slider Sinking Floating Predator Fishing

Salmo Crankbait Hornet Sparky Shad Bug Slider Sinking Floating Predator Fishing

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Hornet Sinking or Floating:

From the moment it was introduced to the Salmo family it has been the absolute best seller.

The perfect combination of construction and balance creates an incredible action that fish find it irresistible. If you are looking for a lure that can catch anything that swims in the water then HORNET is your best choice!

The floating model is the ultimate lure for fishing shallow venues and around structure, with many takes coming on the pause when the lure rising.

Hornet Floating 9cm:

Created in cooperation with some of the best catfish hunters in Europe, the HORNET 9 has quickly proved to be a worthy addition to the Salmo family!

Like it should be for a lure designed for monsters, HORNET 9 can take on even thelargest of the catfish. This lure is perfect for both casting and trolling. The strongvibrations on the rod tip make it very easy to observe and control this crankbait even if it is being trolled 50m behind the boat.

Pike are another species that will find this great lure hard to resist!

Rattlin' Hornet Clear Floating:

We have taken what many consider to be one of the best crankbaits in the world and improved it by adding a rattle!

You can expect the same effectiveness and a strong action of the original HORNET but with the addition of fish attracting sound. The built in rattle and long cast SICS system are attributes that make this crankbait a universal, multi-purpose weapon that can be used to catch all predatory fish.

Sparky Shad Sinking - 4cm:

SPARKY SHAD has an unusual side profile and a special weight distribution to create a unique action unmatched in any other mass produced wobbler.

During slow retrieve speeds, the SPARKY SHAD action is a combination of side wiggles and wide tail swings. With higher speeds the range of the swings decreases exponentially but the frequency increases up to a point that is unmatched by any other lure of a similar kind. Features a moving internal weight long cast system which also stabalises the lure when stationary.

Tiny Floating or Sinking - 3cm:

This is a lure for special tasks and situations. It can be lethal in warm weather during insect hatches when fish are feeding near the surface.

The aggressive action and excellent aerodynamics make this lure one of a kind. Without doubt this is the ultimate lure for the ultralight lure enthusiast. Perfect for fishing small overgrown rivers, especially when stalking, or for casting to feeding fish on still waters, this small lure packs a big punch!

Lil'Bug Floating:

The Salmo LIL’ BUG is a perfect example of tradition and modern technology, all combined in one small lure.

This surface crankbait is perfect for ultra-light fishing enthusiasts and has been described as the best chub lure available. Fitted with a long-cast design - Salmo Infinity Cast System (SICS) - LIL’ BUG is a great lure for casting into tight spots close to cover, or for drifting with the current until the correct position is reached before retrieving.

Slider Sinking:

This first European glider is a legend. It had received many awards and rave reviews from fishermen all over the world. We can honestly say that SLIDER began a new era among artificial lures. Both the unique shape (it's the most copied by other lure producers) and fantastic, one-of-a-kind action, casts a spell over any predatory fish. SLIDER'S main strength is that there is no wrong way to fish it. All retrieve techniques have proved to be effective!

Perch Multi Pack:

A pack of lures put together for the perch enthusiast. Each pack contains the following.

1x Hornet 4cm Sinking Holographic Grey Shiner
1x Slider 5cm Sinking Real Perch
1x Hornet 4cm Sinking Hot Perch