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Rod Hutchinsons Bait Liquid Particles Dip Glug Boilies Pellets Sense Appeal Fish

Rod Hutchinsons Bait Liquid Particles Dip Glug Boilies Pellets Sense Appeal Fish

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Legend Liquid:

Worldwide known classic flavours that enhance the attraction of any bait, ideal for use in boilie mixes or stick, method mixes and ground baits.

Highly concentrated for maximum quality, wide selection for every imaginable situation.

Available in various flavours, in 50 or 100ml.

Boilie Dip:

Our liquid boilie dips are designed to attract Carp directly to your hookbait.  Adds attraction to any boilie, pellet, groundbait or particle mix.

Designed to compliment our range of boilies.  PVA Friendly

Size: 250ml

Sense Appeal Liquid:

Based on more than 30 years of careful development and testing.  Attract and trigger carp into feeding, particularly famous for the high quality and unquestionable results.

Recommended dosage 7-12ml for 6 large eggs

Available in various flavours, in 50 or 100ml.

Crab Monster Boilies 15mm 1kg:

The Rod Hutchinson Monster Crab boilie needs no introduction, it’s been catching fish for the past 20 years across Europe and around the World.  Using the freshest and finest ingredients and with the addition of Rod’s legendary Monster Crab flavour and a hint of Shellfish Sense appeal, creates one of the ultimate fishmeal boilies available on today’s market.  Sure to be still catching fish for another 20 years.

Size: 15mm

Weight: 1kg

Monster Crab Halibut Pellets 800g:

Full of high protein fish meals and oily attractants pellets make the ideal hook bait for carp, barbel and catfish.

Flavoured with Rod’s top carp catching attractor Monster Crab

Monster Crab Liquid Carp Food 500ml:

Add to any boilie, pellet, particle or spod mix to form a highly attractive cloud around the bait which will trigger carp into feeding.

Packed with highly attractive amino acids, highly nutritious and PVA friendly.

Pop Ups:

All Rod Hutchinson Pop-Ups use PROVEN Carp catching ingredients. and are perfect to fish over a bed of our matching boilies.

The Fluoro Pop-Ups are designed to give maximum visual attraction when fished as single hookbait or over a bed of boilies.  Designed to compliment our range of boilies.

Legend Intense Sweetner 50ml:

Rod Hutchinson Legend Intense Sweetner is part of the Rod Hutchinson Additives range. Developing this range has requested several tons of carp and more than thirty years of carp fishing across the globe. Made from the mind of Rod, one of the worlds master carp fishermen of all time.

There is nothing to say other than these flavours are awesome and are the most effective of any carpers angling weapons.  Able to help you even in the most difficult of situations. The intense sweetner is an all round sweetener that is the perfect one to cure the finest bird-food and bird-fish mixes. Intense sweetner has been submitted to more than thirty years of field testing by Rod himself. Once you’ve tried this amazing bait, we doubt you’ll need anything else.

Size: 50ml

Recommended dosage: 7-12ml for 6 large eggs.

Hard Hookbaits:

Rod Hutchinson Hard Hookbaits are especially designed to withstand the attentions of nuisance species such as crayfish and small catfish. They are also perfect where your hookbait may need to stay in the water for up to a week.

Hemp Cooked Particles 2kg:

An expertly prepared range of cooked particles, ready to use straight from the bag and PVA friendly for ease of use.

Supplied in New carry handle bags and resealable to maintain the freshness.

As with all our mixes this is pva friendly and will work well with both pva mesh and pva bags to create those extra amazing little pockets of attraction around your bait.  In a resealable bag you can be assured that your product will be kept fresh for the longest time possible.