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Ringers Bandems Wafter Boilies Natural Mixed Chocolate Bait Carp Fishing

Ringers Bandems Wafter Boilies Natural Mixed Chocolate Bait Carp Fishing

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Chocolate Orange Wafters:

These critically balanced hookbaits move naturally and feature an incredibly bright orange finish which makes them really stand out on the lake bed. Using the weight of the hook to anchor the bait in one position on the lake while still letting them retain their buoyancy and freedom in the water it creates a setup that looks and moves like irresistible natural food.

Sold in 70g tubs.

Allsorts Chocolate:

Fluro pink, fluro yellow and white wafters all assorted in the same 70g pot, offering great value for money.

Mini Wafters:

Designed to look exactly the same as a pellet but with all the qualityes of a wafter. Tested using a size 16 hook the mini can be used for anything from skimmers to F1s to carp.

Supplied in a 50g tub.

Natural Wafters:

These pellets "waft" as they are buoyant and are designed to be balanced with a suitable hook for perfect presentation. Loved by skimmers and carp, they will also be attractive to most species of coarse fish. Shaped like a mini dumbell boilie, they can be easily banded or hair rigged.

    Dumbell shaped.
    Perfect for banding or hair rigging.
    Realistic natural pellet colour.
    Can be glugged and flavoured.
    Supplied in a handy screw top tub.
    Makes a great method feeder bait or, better still, pellet waggler hookbait!

Mixed Wafters:

A mix of yellow, orange and pink wafters measuring 10mm in size all in one tub.

Supplied in a 70g tub.

Slim Wafters:

Ringerbaits have been trying for a new shape Wafter for a number of years. Flat slim skinny thin wide was the aim.
Phil Ringer said "During the millions of times I have moulded a feeder up I always thought it would help if the Wafter was flatter so the first idea was to make the Wafter as flat as possible so it would sit or lay on top of the pellets when moulding a hybrid feeder or a method feeder. This would make the moulding process much easier. Also allowing the Wafter to spring free from the feeder faster.
The Wafter tho still needed to be thick enough to be able to put a baiting needle through or a bayonet.
The consistency of the Wafter also becomes very important as the bayonet needs to go in easily. "
The Slim obviously wafts really well due to the shape of its body.

Supplied in a 70g tub.