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Ridgemonkey Water Carrier Hookbait Pots Collapsible Modular Bucket Boilie

Ridgemonkey Water Carrier Hookbait Pots Collapsible Modular Bucket Boilie

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Heavy Duty Water Carrier:

Never waste a drop of water again. Pick the size ideal for you (5, 10, or 15 litres) and use the inclusive tap to immediately manage the water flow, it’s perfect for those one cup kettle fills. When finished, unscrew the removable tap and replace with the standard lid to create a water-tight seal for transport!!

The two larger sizes feature an oversized filling hole, making refills more practical and convenient.

    5L: 300 x 135 x 215mm
    10L: 320 x 180 x 280mm
    15L: 350 x 190 x 310mm

    Robust HDPE body
    Interchangeable lid/tap system
    Comfortable carry handle

Modular Hookbait Pots:

The RidgeMonkey Modular Hookbait Pots are as stylish as they are convenient. Load up your essentials: pop ups, wafters, bottom baits, imitation plastics, and just pop them in and screw the Modular Hookbait Pots together. It’s not only smart, it saves you space. Removable internal glug cages are also included and each section is well sealed meaning your glugs and flavouring won’t spill or leak.

    4x Hookbait Pots
    4x Glug Cages
    Carry Case

Approximate Dimensions:
    H240mm x W85mm x D85mm (including case)

Perspective Collapsible Bucket:

Never be without a water container again – designed to be folded away and ready for use in an instant, simply extend and fill to keep a supply of water close to hand at all times. Can also be used as a wash basin, storage bucket, bait bowl or even a drinks chiller. Featuring a hook & loop handle strap, an external D-ring for stable pouring and an all-new clear see-through front that allows viewing of the bucket contents from various angles: perfect for checking those all-important rigs needed to fool the wariest of fish!!

    Rigid top ring
    Reinforced PVC walls and base
    High-frequency welded seams
    NEW clear see-through front
    Hook & loop handle strap
    External D-ring

Modular Bucket System:

In keeping with the RidgeMonkey trend for efficiency and convenience, the Modular Bucket System is no ordinary storage space. It comes equipped with two freezer-safe bait boxes which slot neatly on the sides of the bucket, bait waiter style. When not in use, these boxes fit tidily inside the top of the bucket, out of the way. The boxes can also be used as a completely standalone storage solution.

    Complete with two modular storage trays
    Comfortable carry handle
    Available in two sizes

Product Specification:
    Standard: 270 x 230 x 280mm, approx capacity 17 litres
    XL: 300 x 270 x 380mm, approx capacity 30 litres
    Robust 100% polypropylene construction
    Protected registered design