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Preston Pro Type Pole Spare Sections X100 X Kup Kit Pulla Kit Top 3 Kit Fishing

Preston Pro Type Pole Spare Sections X100 X Kup Kit Pulla Kit Top 3 Kit Fishing

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ProType X100 - Match Top 3 Kit:

A Match Top 3 Kit for the Preston ProType X100 Pole.

ProType X F1 Grey Short Stop Kit:

Specifically for fishing shallows on commercial fisheries, the grey matt finish really hides the pole from view, eliminating any shadows. The shorter length makes it beneficial when landing fish.

ProType X Short No. 4 Section:

The shortened pole piece is designed to stiffen up any of the models in the range. This is deal when fishing to islands or far banks.
Can also be used with the grey F1 stop kit.

ProType Kup Kit:

Manufactured from high quality carbon to make them as stiff as possible when cupping in bait, especially at long range. Designed with a long reinforcement to the base of the largest section so it can be cut back as required.

Internal diameter: 24mm

ProType Universal Roller Pulla Kit:

A larger diameter power top 2 kit rated to 16 elastic pre-fitted with the Roller Pulla System. Compatible with our Pro Type poles but also featuring a long reinforced section enabling it to be cut down to suit many other poles on the market which have larger diameter top kits. The additional reinforced area can be trimmed to obtain a perfect fit.

Internal diameter: 22mm
Length: 315cm