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Preston Landing Net Range Match Quick Dry Latex Hair Mesh Supalite Nylon Fishing

Preston Landing Net Range Match Quick Dry Latex Hair Mesh Supalite Nylon Fishing

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Hair Mesh Landing Nets:

A versatile net thats perfect for numerous styles of fishing. Its extremely lightweight making it ideal for any style of speed fishing including F1's on commercials. The fine mesh if great when using bands or rapid stops so its a very popular choice when hair rigging.

Match Landing Mesh Nets:

Constructed from a fine mesh base and a wide meshed side, the Match Landing net is perfect for all F1 and silverfish fishing with normal hooks and when hair rigging. This net is extremely light weight so ideal when used in conjunction with a long handle.

Quick Dry Landing Nets:

Manufactured from a strong square profile frame, the Quick Dry Landing net is attached on the inside of the frame making it neater and easier to pass through the water. The large mesh aids manoeuvrability and the depth of the net is ideal for match sized carp.

Latex Hair Mesh Landing Nets:

Constructed from a lightweight but very strong frame, the Latex Hair Mesh Landing Net is perfect for all hair rigging requirements. The fine mesh means that bait bands and rapid stops won’t pass through the mesh. Also suitable for silver fish in the smaller sizes, small hooks are less prone to getting caught in the mesh.

Supalite Nylon Landing Nets:

The Supalite Nylon Landing nets are extremely lightweight as the name suggests and ideal when fishing at speed.

The Nylon mesh flows through the water easily making it effortless to use even on long 5m handles.