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Preston Innovations Superium Pole Range X10 X20 X30 Fishing

Preston Innovations Superium Pole Range X10 X20 X30 Fishing

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Superium X10:

The perfect all-round 13metre pole, the Superium X10 is suitable for any style of fishing thanks to its impressive rigidity and strength. The X10 is ideal for the angler who only wishes to fish up to 13metres but is also the ideal ‘next-step’ for anglers looking to advance from a shorter margin pole.

Superium X20:

The Superium X20 is the perfect 14.5m model that can deal with carp fishing and silverfish situations. Well balanced even at 14.5metres, the Superium X20 feels light in the hand and has the rigidity to fish delicate rigs at full length.

Superium X30:

A true 16m pole that offers impressive rigidity at all lengths and awesome strength when dealing with hard fighting carp and stronger pole elastics. A superb all-round pole that gives anglers the option of fishing at 16metres without breaking the bank!