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Preston Innovations Revalution Storage Spare Spools Hooklength Box Fishing

Preston Innovations Revalution Storage Spare Spools Hooklength Box Fishing

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Revalution Storage System:

The Revalution Storage System is a spool system with a difference, EVA spools are the best way of storing long hooklengths but now pins are not required with the rotating plastic pin.

There is an area on the spool for easy rig identification, displaying Rig length, line diameter as well as hook size and type.

21 spools are supplied in a storage box which has a semi-transparent lid, helping to eliminate light from the box. Stickers can be added to the inside of the lid for further spool identification.

We've utilised the most durable materials throughout the Revalution Storage System, providing you with a long lasting and user friendly hooklength Storage box.

Revalution Spools:

The Revalution spools are an EVA spool with a special plastic rotating pin system, eliminating the need for independent pins that can be easily lost.

There is an area on the spool for easy rig identification, displaying Rig length, line diameter as well as hook size and type.

We've used a soft EVA foam which eliminates any chance of your hook blunting, but keeps it safe and secure.

4 spools per pack.

Hardcase Accessory Box:

Perfect for keeping a wide array of accessories safe and secure from delicate pellet wagglers and pole floats through to feeders. The Hardcase Accessory box is secured with two positive clips which in conjunction with the TPE gasket help to keep the contents of the box dry. The three sectioned divider supplied is ideal for separating out different styles of feeders or floats and can be removed entirely if required leaving a larger individual space.

Hardcase Accessory Box XL
Tough protective plastic cases perfect for housing and transporting many different tackle items and rig bits. Deep enough to take a selection of feeders standing up, and making a great choice for securely homing your pellet waggler collection. These feature a removable divider system that allows you to configure these how you would see fit. Whatever you decide to use them for, everything is held in position with twin clip locks and kept watertight with a TPE gasket seal running around the lid.

Absolute Hooklength Box:

The Absolute All-Round Hooklength Box is ideal for storing large amounts of hooklengths from 3” (75mm) up to 9” (225mm).The capacity is huge with the box featuring long pegs that will accommodate up to 20 hooks. There are 20 available positions for longer hooklengths up to 9”, and 40 positions if hooklengths are 3 or 4” long, meaning that up to 800 3 or 4” hooklengths can be stored.The gasket helps to prevent water from entering the box which is sealed by two clips and additional magnets on the sides. The box is constructed from an ultra-durable ABS plastic and has fixed pegs which are perfectly positioned and will not let you down.Each hooklength type can be clearly marked on the labels included.

Hooklength Box Short:

These boxes are made from extremely tough, impact resistant plastic with stainless steel hinges and magnetic closure which helps reduce water ingress, keeping carefully tied rigs as dry as possible. To finish the hook boxes there is a clever clear sliding panel located on the top where a sticker (provided) can be placed for quick and easy identification, this is a huge help for anybody who keeps multiple hook boxes together.

Short - store 3, 4 5 & 6 inch hooklengths in up to 10 different hook pattern/line diameter combinations.