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Preston Innovations Keepnet Net Space Saver Carp Mesh Quick Dry Match Fishing

Preston Innovations Keepnet Net Space Saver Carp Mesh Quick Dry Match Fishing

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Space Saver Keepnet 2m:

This shorter style net has been developed to save valuable space when multiple nets are in place, the shorter length is ideal where net limits are in place. Featuring a robust carp style meshFIX Angle this net is ideally suited to commercial fisheries.

Space Saver Keepnet 2.5m:

The 2.5m carp mesh version features an ultra-durable material making it the ideal Keep Net for use on Commercials when large bags of carp are the target. The shorter length means that the nets are ideal for the tight pegging on commercials and will not interfere when fishing close to the bank.

Carp Mesh Keepnet 3m:

This keepnet is designed with strong, fish-friendly mesh that is virtually invisible to predators, meaning your catch stays safe until you're ready to weigh in. This carp-crafted keepnet is the perfect choice for top flight match anglers fishing tournaments on carp venues. The mesh is strong enough that these powerful fish won't break through it, but soft enough that they won't sustain damage while they're being retained, making it the responsible match anglers' ideal choice.

Quick Dry Keepnet 3.5m:

A true all round design perfect for huge nets of carp on commercial's or big bag's of silver's on river's this Keepnet will do it all, with the added bonus of wider mesh for free flow of water and super fast drying this net is perfect for the angler who vists a multiple of venues.

Carp Mesh Keepnet 2m:

With many fisheries enforcing strict net limits, shorter length keepnets are a must. The 2m Carp Mesh Keepnet features the same robust carp mesh material and wider ring size associated with the Carp Mesh range with a shorter two metre length.

    Designed to save space within your swim
    Strong robust carp mesh material
    Fix Angle fitting
    Pull through weigh handles
    Strong rings throughout
    Shorter 2m length