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Preston Innovations Distance Master Feeder Rod Carp Fishing

Preston Innovations Distance Master Feeder Rod Carp Fishing

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Preston Innovations aims to provide anglers with quality products designed with purpose, filling a gap in the market that it has witnessed first hand on the bank. The product you’ll get will be completely unique, as the company designs all of its own products, so you can be fully assured of product quality.

This high product quality is carried across in the Preston Distance Master Rods. The master rods boast a range of impressive features such as oversized distance casting guides, an enlarged grip area and an enlongated butt of the rod all to benefit match and coarse anglers when distance fishing some bigger fish. The flat elongated handle is to aid with casting and the playing of fish.

Preston has been sure to make a strong some with distance in mind with a softer tip which prevents hook pulls at the vital netting stage, but the powerful middle section that allows you to achieve the distance required with ease. It also incorporates a hook keeper ring and three carbon tips to assist in quick modifications to your angling.

There are three models of the Distance Master Rods available. The smallest being the 12ft 6inches and sporting a casting weight of 80g. This first model of the range is a perfect all-round rod which will cover a large aspect of all distance fishing, whether it be launching method feeders or punching out cage feeders this rod will do it all. Suitable for casting up to 80m this 3.8m rod has the perfect balance of both casting and fish playing action.

The next size up is the 13ft 2Inch (4m) that has a 100g casting weight. Again, this is an all-rounder kind of rod as it can be used for a variety of applications such as long-range Bream fishing on large natural venues or Carp fishing using large method feeders on big open lakes. This rod incorporates a very powerful yet forgiving action creating the ultimate fish playing and casting combination.

The true beast of the bunch is the 13ft 10inch (4.2m) which is capable of casting well in excess of a 100m! This Master rod is truly a specialist tool. It makes the perfect big open water Carp rod was getting those few extra yards in the depths of winter is vital for those extra bites. As well as being the ideal choice in rough conditions or when you really need to hit the distance on those big natural waters when fishing for Bream. The action of the rod truly needs to be seen to be believed although powerful it's also progressive which allows you to land everything you may hook.

For a rod that truly makes you a master in a multitude of fishing styles, look into Preston.