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Preston Innovations Ascension Feeder Rod Roach Skimmers Bream Fishing

Preston Innovations Ascension Feeder Rod Roach Skimmers Bream Fishing

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Ascension is a family of rods designed to excel at natural water fishing. Beautiful crisp actions that give you the correct casting action to suit each rod length whilst retaining stunning fish playing actions. Ascension continues Preston Innovations legendary reputation for producing rods!

International anglers Lee Kerry and Arnout Van De Stadt played a key role in developing the Ascension series. They demanded a rod range that would cope with fishing all venues in Europe and, with their help, Ascension has delivered.

Ascension 3.2m (10ft 8in) 30g:

Short-range work is vital for continued success when fishing the feeder and this rod is purpose designed to target roach and skimmers with small hooks and lighter lines.

The 3.2m is supplied with 0.5oz, 0.75oz & 1oz carbon quivertips.

Ascension 3.4m (11ft 4in) 40g:

Ideal for medium range feeder work with feeders up to 40g. At 3.4m in length this provides the soft action needed to use small hooks and light lines but has enough power in reserve to ensure bigger fish can be dealt with.

The 3.4m is supplied with 0.75oz, 1oz & 1.5oz carbon quivertips.

Ascension 3.6m (12ft) 60g:

The ultimate all-rounder in the Ascension family. We wanted to design a feeder rod that could do it all and this model is just that. Perfect for skimmers and bream from 30m to 60m with a range of different feeder sizes.

The 3.6m is supplied with 1oz, 1.5oz & 2oz carbon quivertips.