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Nutrabaits Wafter Boilies Pellets Mix Bait Soak Liquid Pop-ups Hookbait Fishing

Nutrabaits Wafter Boilies Pellets Mix Bait Soak Liquid Pop-ups Hookbait Fishing

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Shelf Life Boilies 15mm 400g:

Ongoing advances in preserving techniques, our ongoing commitment to nutritional quality and the use of the very finest additives and attractors available ensure that our range of shelf-life boilies really are as good as your money can buy! In fact, when it comes to instant attraction and long term acceptance as a food source, many time served Nutrabaits users actually rate them even higher than the freezer bait alternative!
Additional attraction is taken care of with the choice of Customised Bait Soak Complexes and High Attract Bait Soak Sprays.

Shelf Life Pop Ups:

Complete with dramatically elevated levels of attraction, our high quality range of ultra-buoyant pop ups are available to complement each of our ready-made baits in both 15mm and 20 mm sizes…and now in oh so sexy 12mm.

They are perfect for use as single hookbaits, or for the buoyant part of a snowman presentation or for use with choddys. Attach in the traditional way, tie on or use in conjunction with a bait screw, critically balanced rigs can be finely tuned by simply trimming part of the pop up off with sharp knife without any issues with the bait taking on water.

Alternative Hookbait Pop-ups:

Our range of Alternative Hookbait Pop-ups represent the culmination of many years of experimentation with high attract hookbaits used either in isolation or as an alternative source of attraction over the bed of bait of your choice.

Based on our highly acclaimed Pop-up mix, the range boasts unrivalled levels of prolonged buoyancy and toughness, making them ideal for all styles of hookbait presentation.

Use with total confidence, safe in the knowledge that they include some of the most effective colour and attractor combinations ever put together.

Available in 12mm, 16mm spheres and 12mm dumbells, the range also includes high attract bait soak sprays to give your hookbaits even more pulling power if required!

Corkie Wafter Hookbaits:

Available in 12mm, 15mm ,18mm and Dumbell sizes, our range of top quality Corkie Wafters are produced from pure unadulterated base mix, top quality cork dust and the optimum inclusion rates of the identical attractors and additives used in the bottom bait freebies themselves. They have been painstakingly designed to counterbalance the weight of the hook.

Wafters hookbaits are widely recognised as one of the best tactics to use on many of todays more pressured venues and when coupled with a compatible Bait Soak Spray or Bait Soak complex they undoubtedly have a track record that rivals anything out there.

Available in great value, handy sized, re-sealable pots.

Liquid Booster:

The range of Liquid Boosters have been specifically formulated, using some of the most effective carp attractors, natural sugars and emulsifiers around, to add extra pulling powder to pellets, carpet feeds, groundbaits, bag and spod mixes, particles, boilies and just about everything else that you are likely to want to use.

No need for anything too scientific here; simply open the bottle and pour on as required!
The Liquid Boosters are supplied in 500 ml bottles and all are 100% PVA friendly and effective throughout the twelve months of the year.

Bait Soak Spray:

Containing the identical attractor combinations to the baits themselves, there is a High Attract Bait Soak Spray to complement each of our Shelf-Life Baits which enable you to boost the pulling power of the hookbait. Simply apply a few squirts to the hookbaits and repeat as required.

Available in handy sized 50ml atomiser spray bottles.

Bait Soak Complex / Glug:

Our range of Bait Soak Complexes are designed to add attraction to any hookbait that are immersed in it for a period of time; the soak will act to preserve the baits, so leaving hookbaits soaking for a prolonged period of time is highly recommended. It may interest you to hear that many of our long term field testers have had spectacular results using baits that have been ‘in soak’ for a number of years.

The Bait Soak Complexes are made up of thoroughly researched in-house blends of liquid foods, natural sweeteners, Cajousers and attractors and all can be used in conjunction with bottom baits, pop ups or wafters.

With the exception of the standard Bait Soak Complex - which has been specifically designed to be customised to suit your bait of choice simply by adding a flavour of your choice - all the products in this range complement our range of shelf-life and freezer bait boilies and all are proven to add to year round success.


All our pellets are different in make up and consequently the protein level, the fat and oil content and the break down time will vary from one variety to another. Choose the one - or a combination of several - that best suits your particular style of fishing and use with total confidence; the fish they have accounted for over the years has to be seen to be believed.

Base Mixes:

Painstakingly researched and meticulously blended in the UK by our own experienced workforce, all of our base mixes are produced to the highest possible standards to ensure unrivalled consistency and both long and short term effectiveness.

All come with the ingredients used in their make up clearly shown on the product packaging and recommendations as to how to get the very best from them. You can even check out our all time classic recipes of the team on our Suggested Recipes page. Comes in 1.5 kg bags.

Carpet Feed:

To simply classify our Carpet Feeds as being groundbaits, would be doing them a serious disservice, they really do represent much more than that…

No breadcrumb whatsoever is used in the production of this highly rated range of products and each one has been painstakingly formulated with a specific purpose in mind.

Choose the carpet feed that best suits your particular requirements and use - along with a tiny amount of lake water - with total confidence, safe in the knowledge that they have accounted for numerous big fish from a wide variety of different venues since their launch.

Available in handy sized 1kg bags.

River Plus Shelf-Life Dumbells:

Exciting new addition to our range and a first for Nutrabaits is our River Plus range of baits. Field tested extensively with phenomenal results year round.
Our Trigga range in both shelf life and freezer baits have always been a big favourite with specialist anglers targeting Barbel, Chub, Tench etc. and working with both Brian Skoyles and Alfie Naylor we have taken this even further with upping attraction levels with the addition of proven additives and flavour combinations a perfect blend of high quality ingredients along with high levels of attraction.

Available in 12mm x 15mm Barrels only.


    Produced from the highest quality ingredients
    Based on the proven success of the Trigga range
    With additional attractors and flavour boosters to ensure maximum effectiveness in running water
    Extensively trialled on the River Trent in a wide range of conditions with consistent success

River Plus Liquid Booster:

A perfect blend of food source and attraction to compliment our River Plus range of baits and pellets.

Available in handy sized 250ml bottles to boost your bait of choice when needed!

River Plus Pellets 1kg:

Our highly rated pellets with the addition of our River Plus package make a great addition to the River Plus range.

Available in 4mm or 8mm diameters.

Hookbait Complex/Glug:

Our Hookbait Complex has the same attractor package as the bait themselves, along with a fully researched in-house blend of liquid foods, natural sweeteners and attractors that can be used with bottom baits, pop ups or wafters.

Simply immerse your chosen hook bait in the complex for as long as you like to give your hook bait maximum attraction.

Your hook baits of choice can be left in the pot soaking up the goodness for months and many long term Nutrabaits users have baits that have been soaking several years.

No better edge in carp angling!

Topper Oil:

Our Topper Oil range is a perfect additive for PVA bags or for squirting onto boilies, pellets and in spod mixes. Also proven to be a big favourite with match men fishing several lines. The uses for this range are limitless.

This new and exciting range is a concept giving you a clear indication when fish are feeding on your baited area. The Nut Sludge has been blended in house with liquid foods, nut oils with a special mixing process. Being high density oil that is trapped in the liquid blend allowing the oil to sit on the lake bed, slowly releasing tiny droplets of oil through the water column for up to 4 hours in summer and even longer in colder temperatures - creating a constant small flat spot above your baited area on the lake surface. The magic happens when fish are feeding on your baited area an even bigger flat spot as the liquid is disturbed by fish feeding.

250ml Applicator Bottle