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Nisa Feeders Open End, Big Pigs, Rocket, Blockend, Cage, Chummer, Maggot Fishing

Nisa Feeders Open End, Big Pigs, Rocket, Blockend, Cage, Chummer, Maggot Fishing

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Open End:

The most effective way of carrying your groundbait mix to the fish and ultimately attracting them to your hook bait.  Variety of weight loading to suit a wide range of conditions, be it Stillwater or rivers. Choice of feeder enables you to accurately control the amount and position of feed delivered to your swim.

Made from tough polypropylene.

Large = 44mm x 30mm
Medium = 38mm x 26mm
Small = 33mm x 24mm
Mini = 24mm x 20mm

Big Pigs:

The real heavyweights of the range!
In answer to the demand for heavier feeders from the increasing number of anglers who visit the powerful waters of Europe, Ireland not to mention our own "heavy" rivers.

These feeders help us hold to the bottom in the heaviest of flows and winter floods and prevents your feed being dispersed all over the river.

Rocket Feeders:

A feeder with a central weight, extended out beyond the end of the feeder makes it fly through the air like a dart. Specially designed for those occasions when we want to hit the horizon, in order to catch those wary fish that hang well out beyond normal casting range.

River Block End:

Designed to hold bottom in a flow, these feeders have a side lead to prevent them rolling. As with all our blockend feeders, they incorporate a "powergum" link through the centre, allowing fast filling.

Plastic Cage:

Ultra quick release and dispersal of bait can be achieved with these feeders as water rapidly penetrates through the plastic mesh. These are especially useful where the fish are quickly onto the bait, thus preventing a trail of groundbait as you play the fish in. The plastic body allows the feeder to rise when retrieved thus reducing the snagging problems associated with metal cage feeders.

Wire Micro Cage:

Very tiny wire cage feeder.
19mm long by 17mm diameter.
Great for winter fishing.

Bag-Up Bobba:

The extreme buoyancy of the 'BOBBA' ensures that there is no 'diving' on impact with the water, which is the failing of many floats and floating feeders. Therefore presentation of the bait is perfect to fool those crafty, cruising Carp that have seen it all before! These can be used with any cereal groundbait or dampened Pellets.

In-Line Open End Mini:

These are designed as a direct response to the growing number of fisheries that insist on inline feeders, with issues of fish welfare.

As the mainline runs through the feeder via a tube, any breakage which occurs above the feeder means the line pulls through and fish are never tethered.

Rigging the feeders like this provides the easiest way of using a very short hooklength in order to place a hookbait right next to the feeder. This can be very effective for Carp, Bream and Tench on stillwaters or big Barbel on rivers.


An alternative to the hugely popular Chomper. These small floating feeders are specially designed for cereal feed, groundbait and damp pellets.

Simply squeeze the bait into the cage body and cast in to provide an instant cloud just under the surface, directly over you hooklength. This draws the fish up like a magnet, providing thrilling action from fish of all sizes!

Why not try them in conjunction with our Bungee Shock Absorber.

Missile Open-End:

The feeder is in an ideal position to fly out without having to flip 180 degrees on the cast as the attachment is at the nose/lead end. This results in a smoother and accurate cast even in a bad wind. The feeder empties instantly due to the open end, and retrieval is fast and smooth thanks the streamlined lead shape.