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Middy Xtreme M3 G-Pulse MKII 11.5 or 13m Pole Package Carp Fishing

Middy Xtreme M3 G-Pulse MKII 11.5 or 13m Pole Package Carp Fishing

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This is the MKII version of Middy's incredibly popular Xtreme M3 pole, updated to have an improved action with even more stiffness and better balance, as well as several new features and a slightly lower overall weight. The M3 MKII adds a touch of finesse to fishing at a whopping world-strong 30 elastic for animals. While it retains the strength of the M1 and M2, it becomes much lighter and even more rigid, providing the option of fishing at up to 13m with ease. The G-Pulse Fighter-Carbon fibres are made closer in proximity to each other, to create a parabolic super-tough action, without compromising weight and overall balance. It has a whopping world-strong 30 elastic rating and an exceptional Slik-Slide finish to make shipping a dream. New features include EVA domed protection on the fourth section to avoid damage when breaking the pole down to land a fish, aligner arrows so you can line up each section accurately for the optimal action and performance, as well as being supplied with a white colour 30-rated Power 2 kit (called "Shadow Zero") which is designed to be anti-spook when hovering over the water. In additional to the Shadow Zero power kit, the M3 MKII is also supplied with a black colour 30-rated Power 2 kit, a black colour 22-rated Match 3 kit in the pole, a Fighter 8th/9th reversible mini butt and a pole carry case. On this MKII version, there is a S.I.C. puller slot on the 2nd of the two Power kits and on the 3rd of the Match kit, so you can thread your elastic through it for the perfect pulla/strippa setup. If you wish, you can also for a limited time still buy a more traditional black colour 30-rated Power 2 kit from the original Xtreme range (SKU: 20144) which doesn't have the S.I.C. puller slot, instead it has a reinforced area to fit a side puller bush if you prefer. The MKII range poles are built on the same mandrels as the original poles and thus backwards compatibility with all kits and sections is assured. This is great support from Middy for anyone who has an original M1, M2 or M3, as you'll be able to use your existing top kits with the new MKII range, or keep your original version pole for backup spares if you wish. You?ll also be able to affix the M1 MKII onto the fifth section of this M3 MKII if you want to team them together. With a massively strong 30 elastic rating, yet a weight of just 644g, the M3 MKII is an awesome pole and the price is ridiculously low. You can choose to buy the M3 MKII in either an 11.5m or 13m package - you will not find any other poles with such good strength, balance, lightness and quality as these Xtreme MKII poles.

Key Information:
    G-Pulse Fighter-Carbon
    Slik-Slide finish
    30 strong elastic rating
    S.I.C. puller slot on the kits
    EVA domed protection on the No.4
    You can attach the M1 MKII onto the 5th section and use it as a top-four kit with this pole
    Stiffer more reactive action than the original M3
    Aligner arrows to optimise performance

    30 strong elastic rating
    Weight 644g at 11m excluding Fighter mini butt
    Balance ratio 25.2N at 11m