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Middy Reactacore Xtreme Pole Karp 2-Kit Phantom Cupp Spare Section Fishing

Middy Reactacore Xtreme Pole Karp 2-Kit Phantom Cupp Spare Section Fishing

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20076 - White Knuckle V3 T/A Top 2 Kit:

A take-apart top two kit ready-elasticated with 18-20 Hi-Viz.

21025 - Reactacore Ultra-control Phantom 2 kit:

These super hi-carbon kits were developed with both Lee Thornton and Rob Wootton for our top-end poles.

21028 & 21029 - Reactacore Max-22 & Max-25 Karp 2-Kit:

Nano-Core Karp2 kits are take-apart and fit the 4th section of the poles. They are pull-it reinforced ready for fitting a side pull-it bush.

21033 - Reactacore Cupp kit:

With Maximus Wrap, including a free Click Cupp.

21034 - Reactacore Short 4th:

Maximus Wrap joints
Adaptive Q fits all kits, you can make the Ultra Control same length as original kits or original kits even longer.
Short 4th stiffens pole and can be used with the F1 kit

21035 - Reactacore Max-16 Match3 Pro kit:

With Maximus Wrap and Depth Lines markers.

21036 - Reactacore Generic 4th Section:

Maximus' Wrap Joints
Economical universal fit on all Reactacore models
Dome top Protection system on the 4th and 5th
Pull-it reinforced on the 4th

21037 - Reactacore Generic 5th Section:

Economy option for landing on a top five in Europe.

22683 - Reactacore XM10-3 4th Section:

Spare section 4 for a Middy Reactacore XM10-3 Pole.
This pole section will also fit the older version of the XM10 pole.

20144 - Xtreme 30-S Power 2-Kit:

A 30-strong take-apart top 2-kit that fits onto the 4th section of either the M2 or M3 Xtreme poles.

20167 - Xtreme Generic 4th Section:

Replacement section 4 for a Middy Xtreme Series pole.

21044 - Reactacore Max30 Phantom Short Margin Kit:

30 strong short kit designed for margin work.