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Middy Reactacore XQ-1 10m Pole Package Fishing

Middy Reactacore XQ-1 10m Pole Package Fishing

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The XQ-1 is a massive 30 strong margin pole. Almost a full 10m length pole (many 10m poles are actually only 9.5m) complete with a short phantom kit in the pole as standard, you then get one extra margin phantom kit. It is only 799g and perfectly balanced. Configured slightly differently to the other Reactacore poles in the range, but all sections are still compatible. It is outstanding and set to be the best selling margin pole of 2020.

Key features:
    Quad Power-Curve technology
    Spineline aligner system
    Balance ratio 19.5N & weight 799g @10m
    Max30 short margin phantom kit in the pole itself
    Plus one free Max30 phantom kit
    The ONE pole to cover margins and up to the 10m line!

Extras included:
    1x Max30- 1pc phantom kit
    1x Holdall