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Maver Signature Fishing Seat Box Brolly Arm Keepnet Bar Roost Support Spare Legs

Maver Signature Fishing Seat Box Brolly Arm Keepnet Bar Roost Support Spare Legs

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2x Telescopic 700mm Legs:

A pair of extra long 700mm telescopic black anodised legs for the MXi series.

Umbrella Arm:

Never lose your brolley again with this clever little attachment.

High quality umbrella arm. Measuring 29cm and featuring the clever leg fitting allowing it to be used on the majority of leg systems with either square or round legs.

Keepnet Accessory Bar:

A multipurpose accessory bar that isn’t limited to use with keepnets alone.

With many commercial catches now requiring three keepnets, this attachment is supplied with three short keepnet arms. Also ideal for use with various other attachments. Very competitively priced and a must for serious commercial anglers.

Rig Roost:

Ideal for keeping valuable top kits organised and out of harms way.

A simple but brilliantly effective roost. Ultra lightweight six dip capacity keeps those precious top kits out of harms way. Suitable for 25mm, 30mm and 36mm legs.

Handwheel (Male):

Replacement handwheels for Maver Signature and MXi seat boxes.

Pole Support:

The Signature Pro Pole Support from Maver is lightweight, extremely stable, and fully height adjustable making it an essential item for numerous types of fishing. Profiled on one side and smooth on the other. The Profiled section is ideal for keeping the pole still at long lengths. The smooth side of the pole support is ideal when pole fishing on moving waters. Will fit 36mm round legs.