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Marcel Van Den Eynde VDE Groundbait 2kg G5 Gold Pro Bream Turbo Black Fishing

Marcel Van Den Eynde VDE Groundbait 2kg G5 Gold Pro Bream Turbo Black Fishing

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G5 Natural & Dark:

Use 1 litre of water to 2 kilos of groundbait to achieve the right consistency. Put 2 kilos of groundbait into a mixing bucket and add 3/4 of a litre of water slowly while whisking the groundbait. Leave to stand for 15 minutes and then finish off with the rest of the water.
For medium pace river, slightly overwet the groundbait and add 2 kilos of VDE damp leam. This makes the groundbait heavier, but lets it break down very quickly. In clear water, add a small amount of VDE black dye so the groundbait becomes brown. In very clear water, add 1/4 tub of dye to blacken the groundbait.

Gold Pro Bream:

For any water where there are bream, big or small Gold-Pro will be the perfect base mix. The medium texture of Gold-Pro is rich in those ingredients Marcel knows are proven to attract and hold shoals of feeding bream. This sweet-smelling fluffy mix can be used on rivers, canals or Stillwater. Although it already contains Marcel's secret brasem ingredient, more can be added if you wish to create an extremely sweet mix.

Turbo Black:

Van Den Eynde Turbo Groundbait is the heaviest of all Van Den Eynde groundbaits. Use by itself only on deep or fast flowing waters, it carries loose offerings well, breaking up slowly. It can be very useful as a stiffening agent when added to lighter mixes. A particularly good mix for high rivers.