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Marcel Van Den Eynde VDE Groundbait 1kg Supercup Secret Super Crack Gold Fishing

Marcel Van Den Eynde VDE Groundbait 1kg Supercup Secret Super Crack Gold Fishing

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Supercup black:
Supercup is a fairly lightweight groundbait-mix that is perfect for using on canals and lakes, giving a good cloud effect when mixed sloppy for fishing on the drop. It has a lovely sweet aroma which fish species like roach, carp and especially skimmers and bream just cannot resists. Supercup is also ideal to use in heavier and more sticky groundbait-mixes when the conditions arequire a "kick-start" of your fishing place.

Superroach brown & Black:
This groundbait was developed with attracting roach and other species with similar feeding habits in mind.
This mix has many "working" groundbait ingredients in it that will create a "column" of rising and sinking particles that are irresistible for the fish that are swimming in the area.

Supercrack roach black:
Use 1/2 litre of water to 1 kilo of groundbait to achieve the right consistency. Put 1 kilo of groundbait into a mixing bucket and add 3/4 of the water slowly while whisking the groundbait. Leave to stand for 15 minutes and then finish off with the rest of the water. For medium pace rivers, slightly overwet the groundbait and add 2 kilos of VDE damp leam. This makes the groundbait heavier, but lets it break down very quickly. In clear water, add a small amount of VDE black dye so the ground bait becomes darker. In very clear water, add 1/4 tub of dye to blacken the groundbait.

Secret Natural & Black:
Secret is one of the oldest and best selling groundbaits in the whole Van Den Eynde range. It can be used both neat or in combination with nearly every other groundbait to suit the exact fishing conditions. Secret is attractive to nearly any coarse fish species but was developed with especially roach, bream, carp and tench in mind.
Fishing waters across Europe are becoming increasingly clean and clear. Consequently, there is more demand for dark-coloured groundbaits. It is therefore only logical that this successful groundbait is now also available in a black colour.

G5 Special:

His name was on the program... and the 5-time world champion Alan Scott Horne swears by the diets of van den Eynde and now with the mixture G 5 creates his very own philosophy of a good pet food.
During the development phase showed that feed Already its special qualities is as true all food that both the flow and in still water application.
Here the first indications that are important to look at the humidification.
For the amount of 2 kg dry mixture should be a total of 1 liter of water used. After the 2 kg of feed were placed in a bucket, this amount should be slowly but already dampened very humid with a 3/4L water. Approx. Let rest for 15 minutes and then stir in the rest of the water gradually.
In strong current, it is recommended that the food a little addition to wet and an additional bag (2kg) Van admit den Eynde fishing ground (wet clay).
should Especially with clear water to light brown lining a little black dye from the Magic Colours range is added to darken in addition to diet.
Almost crystal clear water can certainly added up to 1/4 cup black dyeequivalent to 25 grams to 2 kilos feed to the feed in a dark black Color takes.

Gold Pro Dark:

For any type of water where bream are prestent, Gold Pro will be the perfect groundbait to use. For fishing in shallow waters it is good to add an amount of Supercup or to this mix. For deeper waters with more current it is best to add an amount of Secret or Turbo. Attention: it is important to mix this groundbait "in 3 times" as it absorbs a a lot of water.