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MAP Seal System Luggage Range Groundbait Bowl Storage Pole Roller Bag Fishing

MAP Seal System Luggage Range Groundbait Bowl Storage Pole Roller Bag Fishing

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S1000 Feeder Storage:

Features a zipped tinted lid, easy clean EVA.
Dimensions: 23cm x15cm x10cm

S5000 Bait System:

Designed to fit perfectly onto side trays, this is the ideal solution for keeping everything protected and convenient to reach into to, even during adverse weather conditions. It includes 5 inner tubs that fit like a glove, whilst the zipped tinted lid offers complete protection. Ideal for pellets and storage of other tackle items. Features Includes 5 inner containers Zipped tinted lid with carry handles Black waterproof material, with blue trim

Dimensions: 31.2cm x 8cm x 37cm

Pole Roller Bag:

The Seal System Pole Roller bag has been designed to accommodate pole rollers of all sizes, and will accommodate two MAP dual pole rollers with easy (when fitted top and tail). Its fully water proof and feature oversized zips and carry handles.

    Super strong and durable EVA
    Supplied with both carry handles
    Oversized zip
    Overall size 77cm x 30cm x 22cm

Bucket Insert:

This bucket insert has been designed to fit into most 25L GB buckets. It can be used to store all those smaller items we tend to throw into buckets, or for keeping ready mixed GB dry in wet weather conditions.
Size: 28cm x 37cm x 28cm

Groundbait Bowl:

Perfect for ground bait. Manufactured in durable EVA material, the Seal System EVA bowl is perfect for ground bait.

Small size: 25cm x 10cm
Medium size: 28cm x 10cm
Large size: 30cm x 13cm