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Mainline Match Bait Syrup Expander Cell Pellets Groundbait Wafter Boilie Fishing

Mainline Match Bait Syrup Expander Cell Pellets Groundbait Wafter Boilie Fishing

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Carp & Coarse Sticky Syrup:

Designed and formulated to adhere to hookbaits, pellet, particles and boost the attraction of groundbaits the Carp & Coarse Sticky Syrups invoke a competitive feeding response from all species...

Be it a river or a lake these thick, viscous syrups are extremely active in water, dispersing instantly along the bottom, as well as sending a high attract cloud to te surface!

PVA friendly

Activated Carp Cell Pellets 1kg Bag:

Activated Pellets are available in assorted perfectly cut sizes and send fish into the competitive feeding frenzy, needed for sustained results!

Expander Pellets 300g Bag:

Expander Pellets offer a highly nutritious food source for a wide variety of fish. The pellets are simple and easy to prepare, expanding into soft hookable pellets that remain firm enough to stay on the hook.

Method Mix - Fine Fishmeal & Pellet Mix 1kg:

A fantastic Method Mix when used on its own or mixed with Activated Pellets. High levels of fish attraction which of course can be tweaked with the addition of a Mainline Sticky Syrup.

Margin Mix - Coarse Fishmeal & Pellet Mix 1kg:

Packed full of particles & super-rich mix of fishmeal and ground pellet, the Match Margin Mix has been developed to help concentrate feeding fish and hold them feeding on the bottom for longer, the mix is heavy and full of feed. Making it the perfect choice for targeting fish in the margins.

Sweet Marine - All Round Fishmeal Mix 2kg:

As the name suggests this Groundbait combines the sweet edge of cereal, seed and biscuit with a blend of fishmeals. Plus, numerous varieties of crushed pellets and proteins to create the ultimate sweet fishmeal groundbait that is truly all-round, throughout the seasons on a range of natural and commercial venues!

Match Boilies 8mm 50ml Jar:

Using the proven flavours and additives the Mainline brand is famous for, the 8mm Match Boilies are rolled from a purpose designed, high-leakage base mix packed full of attraction!

Dumbell Wafters 50ml Jar:

The easy-to-use Dumbell Wafters provide the angler with an advanced hookbait presentation combined with high-leakage attraction...

Luncheon Meat:

The Mainline Match Luncheon Meat is quite simply like no other, raising the bar with attraction leves, colour and flavour options - all combined into a Luncheon Meat produced at the perfect texture for a multitude of fishing bait presentations!

Chop, punch or tear it to the shape and size you require for your chosen presentation or method; Hair-Rigs, straight hooked, punched or even riddled. The perfectly balanced texture of the Luncheon Meat is tough enough to stay on the hook for long periods, while soft enough to release a stream of attractors and vitally not impede the strike. The finest Luncheon Meat baits that will not let you down!

Green Supreme Fishmeal Groundbait 1kg:

A groundbait designed to catch all species of fishon a range of venues and methods! Green Supreme has a neutral green colour that fish happily feed over and is packed with a mix of quality fishmeals, pellets and cereals.

The mix has a balance of ingredients that give the groundbait an enticing fishy edge, with excellent food content that keeps fish grazing over your feed area for long periods. Equally effective on natural and commercial venues for quality fish, this mix can be mixed on the dry side for use in a Swim Feeder, or slightly wetter to mold onto a Method Feeder or form into a ball to be fed with a Pole Cup.

Available in 1kg re-sealable bag.

Pure Pellet Paste Mix 150g Tub:

Pure Pellet Paste is packed full of aminos, attractors and oils that infiltrate the water instantly, attracting fish directly to the paste hookbait.

Easy to mix, just add water according to the directions and level markings on the label for a soft, medium or stiff paste that’s ready in minutes!

Available in 150gram Tubs.