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Korum Spoon Net Range Phase 1 Fast Net Head Fishing

Korum Spoon Net Range Phase 1 Fast Net Head Fishing

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Phase 1 Spoon Net:

This strong and lightweight spoon net uses a soft, free-flowing net with a special design to reduce the chance for hooks to get caught in the mesh. Made using a powerful frame and reinforced spreader block. A retaining tag at the base of the mesh also means you can transport the net easily between swims.

    12x9mm aluminium frame
    Fish friendly quick drying mesh
    Retaining tag system

Fast Net Heads:

The Fast Net has our own UK-designed net block mechanism that allows you to flick the net into a
netting position with just one hand. The spring-loaded mechanism can be opened or closed using just
your thumb. The net block itself also features an attachment point either for carabiners or magnetic
attachments. The Fast Net Head can be used with any landing net handle with a 3/8” BSF universal thread.

    Fish friendly soft-feel mesh
    Nylon cloth perimeter with Korum logo
    50cm mesh depth for short term fish retention
    Strong spoon net shape
    UK-designed spring locking mechanism
    Attachment point for carabiners or magnets