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Korum Snapper Range Loaded Shads Drone Float Bobber Weights Squirmz Mat Fishing

Korum Snapper Range Loaded Shads Drone Float Bobber Weights Squirmz Mat Fishing

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Snapper Loaded Shads Fluoro:

The Korum Chevron Shad has been tested over two years, bringing impressive results throughout the development process. Designed to imitate the most common prey fish, the Chevron Shad offers maximum vibration, natural swimming action and side-to-side wobble. The Chevron rib effect produces water movement around the shad, increasing the turbulence created by the body and tail. Comes pre-loaded with a super sharp high-carbon jighead.

FIRE PEPPER - Chartreuse and green with a splash of bright orange, this is classic fluoro combo.
PINK PEPPER - This peppered, two-toned pink fluoro pattern is a big favourite with Team Snapper.
HOT PEARL - This pearl-bodied lure features a chartreuse yellow belly – the ultimate target bait.

Korum Snapper Ready-Shad Range:
Fluoro Ready-Shads 7.5cm/5g, 10cm/10g, 12cm/15g. Includes Fire Pepper, Pink Pepper and Hot Pearl.

Snapper Drone Lures:

These highly-lifelike soft lures perfectly imitate small fish to make a great attractor bait. Super strong hooks complete what is a solid, dependable lure.

Available in : Goldfish.

Snapper Double Hard Floats:

These super tough hi-visibility floats have been made using a mix of wooden materials to provide a durable, buoyant range for all your predator fishing.  This mix of Platane and Hard Balsa materials provides a truly unique float which utilises a combination of matt black and high gloss fluorescent paints for optimum stealth and visual bite indication. The full range of floats feature brass inserts to offer unparalleled resilience to modern braid fishing.

Snapper Bobber Float 6.5cm 8g
When subtle techniques are required with smaller baits this compact float is ideal and is especially useful when fishing shallow venues or canals. The compact design is also perfect for turbulent rivers and weir pools due to the high-buoyancy Hard Balsa material. The subtle presentation offered by this float also makes it ideal for zander and perch fishing.

Snapper Bung Float 13cm 20g
A robust, wide profile float for fishing with medium sized baits. Naturally sits high in the water for enhanced visibility due to the high-buoyancy of its Hard Balsa construction. Its wide profile also makes it an ideal choice for trotting or free roaming baits for both pike and zander.

Snapper Bung Float 20cm 40g
A genuine big water float designed to present larger baits on large or deep waters. Its hard Platane construction makes it extremely robust and up to the rigors of big water pike fishing. Extremely buoyant materials and hi-visibility gloss finish makes it visible when deadbaiting at range in the worst of conditions and its wide profile and buoyancy make it a superb float for trolling larger baits.

Snapper Slim Slider Float 15cm 15g
Despite being highly buoyant the reduced profile of the slim slider provides minimal resistance to shy-biting predators including zander and pike. Perfect for close to medium distance fishing these floats are ideal for a large range of venues from drains, canals, rivers, drains and medium sized lakes. The perfect float for fishing deadbaits slightly overdepth, offering enhanced sensitivity and early bite indication.

Snapper Slim Slider Float 18cm 20g
A slim profile float offering increased buoyancy levels, the 20g slim slider maintains minimal resistance to shy-biting predators including zander and pike. The perfect all round float for medium and distance fishing. It’s hard Platane construction makes it extremely robust and up to the rigors of predator angling. The perfect float for fishing larger deadbaits slightly overdepth offering enhanced sensitivity and early bite indication.

Snapper Quick Change Weights:

These interchangeable inline weights are perfect for deadbait fishing. They feature a flexible inner stem that does away with the need for tailrubbers. This creates a more streamlined, safer setup, enabling you to change weights without tackling down.

Available in 15g, 20g and 40g, making them perfect for use with the Korum Snapper range of corresponding buoyancy predator floats.

Snapper Float Stop Kit:

When setting up float rigs for predators, having a strong, hard-gripping stopper and bead helps create a super neat setup. The bead and tapered float stop have been carefully chosen to reduce interference through your rod rings. 5 per pack.

Snapper Perch Weighing Mat:

This is an unhooking mat, measuring tape and weigh sling in one, perfect for recording your big perch catches quickly on the bank. The roll-up mat is extremely portable, clipping to your bag, boat, kayak or jacket as needed. The padded mat features our own measuring tape design, and has built in sides and weigh sling attachments for your scales. Made using a 3,000mm waterproof material that's robust and lightweight.

70cm x 30cm x 11cm

Snapper Squirmz:

Squirmz are a durable floating lure that enables you to fish with the popular finesse 'Ned Rigging' technique really effectively. The material is much softer than normal lures, yet resists any cuts and tears due to its stretchy compound. This bait is incredible – retrieve it slowly and let the Squirmz wriggle, twist and shake.

Long pauses can bring great rewards, as the Squirmz stand straight up off the bottom due to their buoyancy and the special design of the matching Squirmz jighead. On the pause, the Squirmz tail lifts up, creating a super natural attraction that imitates a wide variety of prey – from small baitfish, to crayfish standing in the defensive position.

The jigheads in the ready-to-fish packs of Squirmz are size 1 with 5g heads. They cast like a bullet and create a nose-diving motion that perfectly suits buoyant lures, helping them stand up off the bottom.

*WARNING - Do not mix your Squirmz with other standard lures. The two materials will react with each other.

Perch Fast Mat:

Fishcare made faster! This fantastic innovation provides a pop-up unhooking mat that's as easy to use as it is to transport. Designed to provide a lightweight alternative to cradle style mats, this mat clips to your luggage and can be put up in seconds. Simply untwist, pop in the waterproof padded mattress and the Perch Fast-Mat is ready for action. Packs away just as easily - the ultimate fishcare solution for the discerning predator angler. Complete with measuring print to log your catch.