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Korum Side Tray Chair Adaptor Bungee Brolly Arm Strap Seat Box Accessory Fishing

Korum Side Tray Chair Adaptor Bungee Brolly Arm Strap Seat Box Accessory Fishing

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Trolley Chair Bungee:

Two fully adjustable elasticated bungee cords with tough plastic hooks at both ends. Ideal for use with the Korum single wheel barrow.

Any Chair Adaptor:

The Korum Any Chair Adaptor enables anglers to use Korum accessories with virtually any chair! It's the perfect item to improve your chair - until you save up for a Korum one, of course!

    Fits Chairs & Bedchairs with 25mm & 22mm Round or 25mm Square leg profiles
    Fit Korum Chair Accessories on basic fishing chairs for the first time!
    Adjustable to provide a level fitting at any angle or on uneven ground slopes
    Use the 360º rotating pivot to level your side tray on angled chair legs
    Can remain fitted to the chair for simplestorage & transport

Maxi Side Tray:

This larger side tray means you can have even more tackle to hand when fishing from a Korum Accessory Chair. Comes with a specially moulded table for all your bait and bits, and also a dedicated slot designed to hold the popular angling essential, a thermal flask or drinks bottle.

Locking Nuts:

The simple solution to tightening rod rests and buzzer bars in the correct position.

Brolly Arm:

Provides more stability for your brolly than ever before thanks to a dual arm construction. Perfect for accessory chairs and seatboxes.
Adjustable brolly arm

    Increased levels of stability
    Fits the majority of angling brolly poles

Universal Shoulder Strap:

An adjustable shoulder strap that will fit most chairs.

Any Chair Side Tray:

The Any Chair Side Tray allows you to attach a sturdy side tray directly to your fishing chair. It’s the ultimate accessory for the organised angler, as this side tray will take your tackle, bait and drink easily.