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Korum Hair Rigs River or Quick Stops Barbed or Barbless 4" or 15" Fishing

Korum Hair Rigs River or Quick Stops Barbed or Barbless 4" or 15" Fishing

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Quickstops On Hair Rigs:

The Korum Hair Rigs with Quickstops allow you to quickly change your bait, without the hassle of having to tie your own hooklengths! These hooklengths are available in both 4" and 15" lengths and barbed and barbless.

8 rigs per packet.

Big Fish Quickstop Hair Rigs:

Designed to provide stronger hair rigs when fishing for bigger fish. Increased line diameters and more powerful japanese hooks provide the perfect big fish Quickstop Hair Rig.

    Korum Clear Quickstops
    Korum Supersteel Allrounder hook
    Highly abrasion resistant Korum line
    Strong loop knots for quick rig changes
    Available in 15 inch lengths

8 rigs per packet.

River Rigs:

These 1m long hair rigs are perfect for modern river feeder tactics offering expertly tied hooklengths on an innovative water-resistant spool. Featuring Japanese Supersteel Wide Gape hooks and strong, abrasion resistant mono for maximum power. Includes silicone tubing on the shank to adjust hair length.

    Size 8 - 0.33mm - 15lb / 6.8kg
    Size 10 - 0.30mm - 12lb / 5.4kg
    Size 12 - 0.28mm - 10lb / 4.5kg

6 Rigs per spool.