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Korum EVA Groundbait Riddle Tip & Butt Protector Rod Bands Weigh Sling Fishing

Korum EVA Groundbait Riddle Tip & Butt Protector Rod Bands Weigh Sling Fishing

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EVA Goundbait Riddle Set:

This compact groundbait bowl set includes a 5mm rubber mesh riddle, sized perfectly for use with big fish groundbaits and natural baits. Includes carry handle.

25cm x 15cm

Tip & Butt Protector:

Shaped protectors for rod butts and tips. Provides protection for delicate rod tips. Neoprene and nylon construction with draw-string.

    Fits over 40mm rings
    Easily cleaned
    Work in conjunction with Korum quivers

Rod & Lead Bands:

Designed to keep rod sections together in transit. Neoprene construction with Velcro closure. Two per pack

Compact Recovery Sling:

This multi-purpose weigh sling is extremely portable, allowing the short term retention of fish in a safe environment. By turning the floatation aids through 90 degrees and using a latex mesh at the top and in the base, this holds the sling's frame open, to avoid damaging the fish inside. The rest of the sling is made using a super soft mesh material, making it an extremely fish-friendly weigh sling. It packs away into a small waterproof bag and includes an integral heavy duty sack cord.

    Shaped to house and fully support fish centrally during retention and weighing
    Top mesh panel allows you to view fish at all times
    Reinforced stitching on all pressure points
    Heavy duty sack cord supplied in an external pocket
    Super soft mesh sides for better water drainage and accurate weighing
    Double weigh handles with centre locating loops
    Supplied in compact stink bag

Packa-Weigh Sling:

This extremely portable weigh sling packs away into itself, taking up minimum space. The Packa-Weigh Sling is made from a super soft, fish friendly material that also dries very quickly.

It provides a highly portable sling for specimen fishing.

85cm x 50cm.