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Korda Stow Indicator or Isotope or Spares or Case Carp Fishing Bite Indication

Korda Stow Indicator or Isotope or Spares or Case Carp Fishing Bite Indication

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Complete Stow Indicators:

These feature a complete Stow Indicator set-up with all the bits that you need, barring an isotope. These are based on the handmade Elstow bobbins which have achieved cult status, keeping all of the best bits which made them so popular, and also adding some improvements. The Stow Indicator can be fished with either a slack or a tight line, and when you get a take it will unclip itself from the line as it hits your alarm. It can be used with any type of bite alarm using the magnetic hockey stick attachment with is supplied, and two different lengths of stainless steel chain are supplied so that you can ensure it works properly and always pings free of your line when required to do so. The clip will hold your line securely without causing any damage to it, and the body is extremely lightweight and very sensitive to any movement of the line.

Stow Spare Heads:

Spare heads in different colours are available for the Stow Indicator, so if you fancy a change you don’t have to buy the complete indicator again. The Stow is based on the original hand-made Elstow bobbins which have achieved cult status, and this spare head can simply be switched for the one on your existing Stow Indicator. Each pack contains one Stow Head.


These isotopes are designed to perfectly fit inside the Stow Indicator Heads, and will also fit our Black & Whites bobbins in any size from medium to XL. The Stow Lite is a high powered and top quality isotope, with an extremely long life, and you can even choose a colour to match your indicator head or even bite alarm LEDs.

One isotope per packet. Colour is selected in the drop-down.

Spare Weights:

If you’re fishing at longer range or with a tight line, then the addition of a weight to your Stow Indicator will improve bite detection. For the Stow to work properly and ping off of the line when you get a bite, the overall length of the Indicator Head couldn’t be changed, so we came up with these clever weights which perfectly fit over it, and feature a shoulder to ensure that they won’t slide up and down the indicator body, locating perfectly over the integral weight which is part of the Head. These stainless steel Overweights come in a choice of 6g or 8g sizes, and are sold in packs of two or three, to suit however many rods you use.

Spare Hockey Stick:

Should you lose your original Magnetic Hockey Stick which comes with the Stow Indicator, or if you want to use the same set of indicators on two different buzzer set-ups, then you can buy spares. This stainless steel Magnetic Hockey Stock will fit under any buzzer and its magnetic design means that you can easily attach your Stow Indicator to it at the start of the session, and then take it off when you pack up, without the need to unscrew anything. One per packet.

Magnetic Adapter:

This simple adaptor allows you to use pretty much any bobbin and chain set-up that you choose, with our Magnetic Hockey Stick. This stainless steel adaptor features a thread which most existing chains and fittings on the market can be screwed into, and the other end of it fits into the Magnetic Hockey Stick. This means you can now attach and detach any indicator of your choice very quickly and easily, with no need to unscrew anything. Each pack contains three adaptors.

Black Stainless Chain with Adaptor:

This is a black anodised version of the silver coloured chains which come with our Stow Indicators. It does exactly the same thing as the original – with a screw thread at one end and the magnetic adaptor at the other - and the only difference is its understated black colour. A Long or a Short version is available, so that they can be used with any type of bite alarm. Each pack contains one chain.

Stowaway Case:

Although the Stow is a very robust indicator, it can still get damaged if not looked after properly inbetween sessions and when in transit, but this ingenious Stowaway Case prevents any chance of that happening. This tough, hard plastic case is designed to hold your Stow Indicators securely in place during transit, with the Stow Heads clipping neatly into the case, and a clever magnet design at the base of it to retain the Extension Chains. Two different versions are available to holds either two or three Stow Indicators.