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Korda N Trap Rigs DF KD IQ Krank Multi Hinge Dark Matter Spinner Carp Fishing

Korda N Trap Rigs DF KD IQ Krank Multi Hinge Dark Matter Spinner Carp Fishing

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DF Rig:

It has never been easier to use one of Korda boss Danny Fairbrass’ favourite rigs, as there is now a ready-tied DF Carp Rig, which is tied exactly how he would do it himself, using the same components. This is a highly effective rig, which can be used with bottom baits, wafters, or even pop-ups (with the addition of a counter balance weight), and the blowback style ring running on the shank, plus a piece of shrink tubing to give the hook an aggressive stance, mean that it has great hooking potential. It is tied using the Wide Gape pattern of hook to 15lb N-Trap Soft for size 6, 8 and 10 hooks, 20lb for size 4, and 30lb for size 2, with a size 8 swivel attached via a figure-of-eight loop knot at the other end. You get one rig per packet.

KD Rig:

The KD rig is an incredibly effective way of fishing buoyant baits and is a proven big fish catcher, as well as being very simple to tie, with a slight variation of a knotless knot. But if you don’t want to tie it yourself, then these ready rigs have been constructed using the same components and specifications that the top anglers at Korda use when making this themselves. N-Trap Soft coated braid is tied to an ultra-sharp Kurv Shank hook, with an appropriate breaking strain for the size of hook being used – 15lb for size 6, 8 and 20; 20lb for size 4; or 30lb for size 2. At the other end a figure-of-eight loop knot to a size 8 swivel provides plenty of movement and allow the rig to sit properly. One rig per pack.

IQ D Rig:

The IQ D-rig doesn’t really need much introduction as it has been a favourite of Danny Fairbrass and Ali Hamidi for many years, and has appeared countless times on Thinking Tackle, Masterclass and Monster Carp. If you struggle to tie perfect D-rigs yourself, then these ready-tied rigs are the perfect solution, as they are tied exactly how Danny or Ali would construct them. They feature a Kurv Shank hook to IQ2, which is almost invisible in water and has enough suppleness that it will sit neatly on the lake bed, and at the other end is a size 8 Ring Swivel, to provide plenty of movement. Each rig comes with free Extenda Stops, so that it can be used with pretty much any size of bait. The size 8 is tied on 10lb IQ2; size 6 to 12lb; size 4 to 15lb; and size 2 to 20lb. You get one rig per packet. Barbed and barbless versions available.

Krank Rig Kamo:

The Krank Ready Rig is a simple but very effective ready-tied set-up and all you need to do is take it out of the packet, attach it to your chosen lead system,put a bait on and cast it out, safe in the knowledge that you’re using a rig with great hooking properties that is tied to exacting standards. This rig features our Krank hook in conjunction with Kamo coated braid, in a breaking strain to suit the size of hook being used – 30lb for size 2; 20lb for size 4; and 15lb for sizes 6, 8 and 10. This is a simple knotless knot rig, with some of the Kamo stripped back by the hook to make the most of its ability to flip over and take a hold in the mouth, and a loop at the swivel end to ensure the rig sits flush to the lake bed and kicks out like a boom. Each rig comes with Extenda bait stops included, so that the rig can be used with any size of hookbait on the same length hair. The rigs are available in both barbed and barbless versions, with one per packet.

Multi Rig:

The Multi Rig is an incredibly versatile and effective set-up, which allows the hook to be changed very quickly when a new one is needed. But if you’re not sure how to tie one yourself, or aren’t confident of getting it right, then this ready-tied version is the perfect solution, and everyone is constructed perfectly and to the same exacting standards. Usually it is fished with pop-ups – just add a blob of Dark Matter Putty (not supplied) to the knot to balance the hookbait – but can also be fished with bottom baits and wafters as well, with any of these being attached to the Rig Ring with our Bait Floss. These rigs are tied using our Krank Choddy hooks – if the hook point blunts it can easily be swapped for a new hook without having to throw the rest of the rig away – on Kamo coated braid, and with a size 8 swivel at the other end. It comes in a choice of barbed or barbless hooks in the following combinations: size 4 Krank Choddy to 30lb Kamo; size 6 to 20lb; or size 8 to 15lb. You get one Multi Rig in each packet.

Hinge Rig:

Some anglers are daunted when it comes to tying more complicated rigs like the Hinge Rig, but now you needn’t be, as you can buy a ready-tied version that is set up in exactly the same way as top anglers from Korda would tie their own. The Hinge Rig is a great set-up for fishing pop-ups further off of the bottom (compared to a Spinner Rig) and you can rest assured that it won’t be tangled and will always be fishing effectively, as long as the bottom is clean, thanks to the stiff boom section which pushes it away from your lead and allows it to reset if it gets picked up and dropped by a carp. It is constructed from Mouth Trap to a Choddy hook at the business end, which is curved perfectly to give the best hooking potential, and a boom made from IQ fluorocarbon, so it is unobtrusive on the lake bed. The Hinge Rig comes in a choice of barbed or barbless, with size 4 to 25lb; size 6 to 20lb; or size 8 to 20lb. You get one rig in a pack.

Dark Matter Rig:

The Dark Matter Rig is a favourite of Neil Spooner and is very simple to construct, but if you want to take all of the hassle out of doing it, or don’t have much spare time, then this ready-tied version is the perfect choice. It can be used with either bottom or wafter-style hookbaits, and thanks to the Extenda Hair Stops, which are included, it can be used with pretty much any sized bait (although the length of hair varies based on the hook size), or even with different lengths of separation between hook and bait. It is constructed using a Wide Gape hook, but with the addition of a piece of shrink tubing to give it a more aggressive angle and improve hooking, plus a piece of silicone ensures that the hair leaves the hook at the perfect point to help it turn and take a hold. It is tied on Dark Matter braid, which sinks incredibly well and blends in with the bottom, with a suitable breaking strain to match the hook size. It comes in a choice of barbed or barbless, with a size 2 Wide Gape hook to 30lb Dark Matter braid; a size 4 or 6 to 20lb; and size 8 or 10 to 15lb. You get one rig per pack.

Spinner Rig:

Most anglers will have heard of the spinner rig as it has been featured prominently on many of our videos and is a favourite of a lot of our sponsored anglers, but if you don’t have the time or confidence to tie your own, then this ready-tied version is the perfect solution. It is constructed in exactly the same way as any of our top anglers would do it, and features a 5.5 inch Boom hook link with either a Krank or Kurv Shank hook attached via one of our Spinner Swivels which has been crimped on to provide a very strong connection.

At the other end is a crimped loop which can be attached to any of our quick-change style systems. The rig can be used multiple times simply by changing the hook, which is very easy to do. There is a choice of size 4 or 6 hooks, in barbed or barbless, and each packet contains one rig.

“This is the most efficient carp rig I have ever used! I cast this out with extreme confidence as it does everything you wish a rig to do; it has superb hooking potential, and you can even change the hook quickly without having to tie a new rig.” TOM DOVE