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Kodex Anti-Tangle Stops Tube Lead Clips Swivel Shrink Stops Jeli Carp Fishing

Kodex Anti-Tangle Stops Tube Lead Clips Swivel Shrink Stops Jeli Carp Fishing

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Total Lead Clips:

Kodex lead clips complete with tail rubber and size 8 round-eyed matt-black swivels. These totally safe lead clips allow you to decide when the lead drops off. The tail rubber is moulded to form the perfect shape when attached to Kodex lead clips, making them streamlined for casting. The non-flash translucent colours merge perfectly with different lake beds to create a totally concealed rig.

Quick-Change Heli Swivels Sz11:

Use in conjunction with Kodex sleeves to create rigs that can be quickly clipped on or off. The Carp type is a size 8 to fit all popular lead clips, while the Flexi/Heli swivels are a size 11 for the perfect helicopter setup. Both have a totally matt anti-glare finish to keep your rig concealed.

Shrink Rig Tubing:

This 1.6mm diameter shrink tubing is the perfect size for going over the eye of hooks and creating a 'kicker'. This will ensure your hook turns on the take, giving maximum hooking penetration and stopping blow-outs. Kodex shrink-rig has more than a 50% shrink ratio!

Jeli Bait-Stops:

These small hair stops are formed from a super-soft polymer which feels natural and jelly-like so they do not spook fish. You get 500 pieces in a packet, comprising five different Hi-Viz colours which can be used as an attractor when zigging.

Shank Stoppers:

Kodex shank stoppers are designed for threading onto the hook shank to hold rig rings or Kodex micro swivels in place. Their special shape allows free movement of the ring and total grip of the hook shank so that there is no need for glue. The translucent non-flash clear material provides full rig concealment. 35 pieces per packet.

Anti-Tangle Braid Rigs:

These braid rigs are suitable for many venues and are constructed from high-quality components, including wide-gape Genomic MGP anti-glare hooks with a micro-ground super sharp point. These hooks have a non-flash matt finish for rig concealment and are made from Japanese 130 grade carbon to ensure strength and durability. The 14.5cm (5.8") length makes these perfect for fishing on the bottom or as pop-up rigs. Tied with a knotless knot, the braid is soft and subtle with a colour that blends to most lakebeds. It also allows the bait to move freely and look as natural as possible. A translucent weed green Kodex anti-tangle sleeve is affixed, which 'kicks' out the rig on both the cast and at the point of entry to the water, ensuring excellent hook-bait presentation. The swivel is a black anti-glare size 8 from the renowned Kodex range. A small translucent silicone sleeve is affixed to the hook-shank and hair of the rig, allowing you to adjust how far the hair stands off the rig to ensure the hook turns on the take. Hair lengths are also matched to hook sizes, allowing bigger baits to be used on bigger hooks, and the rigs feature adjustable hair position. At first glance you might even think that the hair looks a little long, but affix a boilie and you will see that it is in fact perfect, allowing for natural movement of your free offering. You get two rigs in each packet and usage diagrams and tips are on the reverse of the packaging.