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Imax FR Luggage Quiver Holdall Bait Bag Rucksack Rig Case Sea Boat Fishing

Imax FR Luggage Quiver Holdall Bait Bag Rucksack Rig Case Sea Boat Fishing

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Competition Quiver:

Designed to allow you to carry all the equipment needed for your success, the FR Competition Quiver offers versatile, fully protective storage, allowing to safely carry either eight rods, or a combination of rods, shelters, and tripods - whatever you need to give your angling the competitive edge.

A fully adjustable shoulder strap makes this quiver easy to carry, while adjustable retaining straps ensure a secure hold for all your valuable tackle, however bumpy the trek out to the water turns out to be.

Once you're at the water and ready to fish, the quiver's full length zips allow you to get unpacked quickly and easily, while the toughened waterproof base can handle being dropped down on the roughest ground, whilst keeping all your tackle clean and dry.

    Fully padded quiver carries up to 8 rods internally
    Fully adjustable shoulder strap &dual carry handles
    2x Adjustable retaining straps
    length zips for easy loading
    Toughened waterproof base for durability
    Reflective logos
    Dimensions: 140x18x14cm

Basic Quiver:

A lightweight slim quiver which will carry 2 rods internally and has pockets and straps on the exterior to accommodate a Tripod. Featuring a fully adjustable carry strap and dual carry handles to maintain balance whilst being carried.

    Carries 2 rods internally
    Fully Adjustable shoulder strap and dual carry handles
    Retaining strap
    Toughened waterproof base for durability
    Reflective logos
    Dimensions: 140x15x8cm

Day Quiver:

A half size version of the Competition quiver designed for the angler who does not need as much equipment, this quiver will hold upto 4 rods internally and has pockets and straps on the outside which can hold a shelter and tripod. Featuring the new fully adjustable strap and dual handles this holdall will always carry balanced.

    Fully padded quiver
    Carries upto 4 rods internally
    Fully adjustable shoulder strap and dual carry handles
    2 Adjustable retaining straps
    length zip for easy loading
    Toughned waterproof base for durability
    Reflective logos
    Dimensions: 140x15x10cm

Rod 11ft-14ft8" Holdall:

Giving you great protection for a pair of rods, the Imax FR Rod Holdall is perfect for those anglers who like to keep things simple, and travel light.  Sea fishing offers plenty of potential catches that can be taken advantage of with minimal tackle, so it's always worth heading out with just a couple of rods, if only to see what's about.

This holdall features an adjustable padded handle, which gives you a comfortable trip, while full length zips make it easy to load and unload your rods.

With a toughened, waterproof base, this rod holdall more than stands up to the rugged surfaces associated with sea fishing, whether that's a snaggy shore, or the bottom of a boat.

    Carries 2 rods internally fully protected
    Fully adjustable padded shoulder strap and dual carry handles
    Zip for easy loading
    New Hex lock for full adjustment
    Toughened waterproof base for durability
    Reflective logos
    Dimensions: 220x28x6cm

Bait Bags:

With an adjustable shoulder strap and carry handle, this bait bag is comfortable to carry down to the beach, along the pier, or onto a boat. Two fully insulated compartments allow you to store live and frozen bait separately, and give you the flexibility that comes from being able to easily take a selection of bait with you whenever you head out. These compartments are lined with easy-to-clean insulating foil, so whatever bait your using will always be fresh, and untainted by anything you've used previously.

A front mesh pocket gives you convenient storage for your baiting tools, while the toughened, waterproof base lets you drop the bait bag down beside you, on any terrain, without worrying about stains, rips, or tears.

Reflective logos allow you to use this bait bag on night fishing trips, and also make it perfect for the pre-dawn hours before high tide, when many coastal marks fish particularly well, keeping your bait bag visible even when not much else is.

    Adjustable shoulder strap and carry handle
    2x fully insulated compartments
    Waterproof toughened base
    Lined with easy clean insulated foil
    Carry frozen and live bait separately
    Reflective logos
    Dimensions - Medium: 27x23x17cm
    Dimensions - Large: 35x37x17cm


An updated version of a functional classic, this 35litre rucksack gives you the functionality of a toughened, waterproof base, allowing you to drop it beside you in the boat or on the beach, while a built in in storm wrap ensures complete protection against the elements. There's a multitude of pockets and other functional storage solutions, and all pockets have rain guard tops, giving you added peace of mind that anything you're keeping in the pockets, from bait to clothing, won't get wet, no matter how wild the weather becomes.

Giving you a lightweight luggage option with easy access, the Imax FR Rucksack is perfect when you're heading out for a day's fishing, and also works well as part of a broader luggage range for long weekends, or longer fishing holidays.

    Adjustable fully padded Harness
    Built in storm wrap
    Waterproof toughened base
    Rain guard pocket tops
    Multitude of pockets and storage options
    Reflective logos
    Dimensions: 60x45x30cm

Rig Cases:

With internal and external accessory pouches, this tough, heavy duty rig case from Imax allows you to carry all the rig bits you need securely, and in style.

A full Velcro closures ensures everything stays safely in place, while the tough, heavy duty material will last you through several years of active angling in all weather conditions.

Expansion baffles keep the contents of the FR Large Rig Case completely protected, even when the case is fully loaded, as the baffles expand with the case, maintaining a secure, weatherproof barrier that's designed to protect, and ensures that all your rig bits are dry when you reach your mark, making them easy to handle, and allowing you to get set up and ready to fish quickly and effortlessly.

    Internal and external accessory pockets
    Full Velcro closure
    Expansion baffles
    Tough heavy-duty material
    Reflective logos
    Dimensions - Small: 21x18x2cm
    Dimensions - Large: 30x20x2cm