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Guru Tools Bait Punch Conti Disgorger Speed Baiting Needle Rig Scissors Fishing

Guru Tools Bait Punch Conti Disgorger Speed Baiting Needle Rig Scissors Fishing

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Bait Punch:

This is the latest must have item for the modern match and pleasure angler from the guys at Guru!!

Supplied as a pack of four punches

The Push Punches have also been custom designed for the Punch Box with a plunger system to release bait with minimal effort – it can easily cut out and dispense multiple disks of bread or meat without any damage to the bait, for example.

The razor sharp cutting edge makes fast work of even harder baits such as boilies or pepperami and the stainless steel won’t rust or warp under pressure.

    Bright "Guru" orange punches to make them hard to lose
    Lid of punch box slides to keep bread from drying out
    Punches fit neatly into the Punch Box
    Overall dimensions: 22cms x 16cms x 3.5cms
    Bread compartment dimensions: 13.6cms x 14cms

Conti Disgorger:

    Easy and safe to use
    'Slamo style' design
    Overmoulded handle for comfortable use
    Long and ridged
    Suitable for hook size 10-22
    The conti disgorger is primarily designed for use on natural waters, ideal for safe removal of smaller hooks and deeper hook holds

QM1 Disgorger:

    Easy and safe to use
    Slamo style design
    Over moulded handle
    Designed for comfortable grip
    Compact and strong
    Suitable for hook sizes 10-18
    Designed for the safe removal of the QM1 or smaller hook patterns

Speed Needle and Speed Stops:

Designed to be used with Guru Speed Stops
Stainless needle
Super fine design to avoid bait damage
The Speed Needle and stops are designed to make baiting your hair quick and easy

Ideal for baits such as:
    Drilled pellets and soft pellets

Speedmesh Needle:

The Speedmesh needle is a gate and latch type, which is perfect for loading sticks and bags onto your hook link without snagging the weave of the PVA. The loop in the end of your hook link is held inside the clasp and can be pulled through easily.

    Stainless steel, gate and latch style needle
    Perfect for loading sticks and bags onto hook link
    Flared handle

Superfine Baiting Needle:

The Guru Super Fine Baiting Needle has a concealed barb and fine tapered point that prevents unnecessary damage to delicate baits, while the flared handle allows pressure to be easily applied when penetrating harder baits.  The long needle also enables multiple baits to be loaded on at once when using monofilament and braid hair rigs.

Pellet Pliers:

The simplicity of the Guru Pellet Pliers will have you wondering why they haven’t been on the market for years! As with all Guru products, the Pellet Pliers had to undergo rigorous testing in the field by Guru’s specialist team of anglers in order to ensure that they are faultless on the bank. You can be completely confident that these are one bait making accessory that really does work! Unlike conventional pliers, where you squeeze the handles to close the teeth, the Pellet Pliers operate so the teeth open on the handle squeeze. This means that when you place a pellet band around the pliers, positioning it in the specially designed ‘nose groove’, it is stretched when you squeeze on the handle of the pliers. With your free hand you can then perfectly position your pellet, in your chosen size, within the band, before releasing the handles. Removing the pellet from the jaws of the pliers is also exceptionally easy, thanks to their tapered design.

Rig Scissors:

These excellent quality, colour coded rig scissors are razor sharp and will make light work of cutting during rig making. They slice effortlessly through monofilament and braid materials and are compact for easy storage.