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Guru Speed Beads Micro Lead Clips & Swivels Snap Link Waggler Adaptor Fishing

Guru Speed Beads Micro Lead Clips & Swivels Snap Link Waggler Adaptor Fishing

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Speed Beads:

Get ready to up your catch rate, because the Guru Speed Bead is coming! This ingenious little bead is set for launch later this month, and it’s been designed solely to help you put more fish in your net, quicker.

The Speed Bead comprises a rubber outer bead, against which your feeder or bomb can come to rest, with an internal, quick-change swivel that allows you to change your hook links in the blink of an eye.

The significance of this is, of course, that if a hook link is damaged, it’s even easier to get fishing again, in double-quick time. The Speed Bead has met with the approval of the Gurus, headed by Steve Ringer, and you’ll see them using it to great effect over the coming months.

6 beads per pack.

Micro Lead Clips & Swivels:

The Micro Lead Clip is a mini version of the lead clips that specimen carp anglers have used for years. These clips have been sculpted so that the lines are smooth and resist tangles in flight. The Tail Rubbers fit perfectly flush with the body of the clip, further enhancing these anti-tangle properties. Perhaps most importantly, the Micro Lead Clips are completely fish safe, allowing the fish to ditch the lead should it become tethered. The colour has been chosen to best match the lakebed conditions found in lakes, they practically disappear on the bottom, especially when feeding fish disturb the sediment around them.

10 clips & swivels per pack.

Snap Link & Swivel Size 11:

High quality size 11 snap links and swivels for the quick change attachment of feeders and hooklenghts. Coated for a low reflection finish this specific size of snap link and swivel works in conjunction with Guru Lead Clips and Guru In-Line feeders. They can also be used independently for hooklength and feeder attachments to help prevent monofilament spinning and twisting on the retrieve when using hook baits like double maggot and sweetcorn.

10 snap links per pack.

Waggler Adaptor:

The perfect way to connect a waggler.
Micro swivel for neat link to main line.
Large looped clasp makes attaching float quick and easy.
Looped clasp allows waggler to sit correctly on the adaptor giving a straighter more accurate cast.

10 per pack.