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Guru Socks Jumper Beanie Bobble or Trucke Hat Sunglasses Fishing Clothing

Guru Socks Jumper Beanie Bobble or Trucke Hat Sunglasses Fishing Clothing

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These Guru Black Waterproof Socks will provide you with a high level of protection and insulation in colder weather conditions. They feature a breathable membrane that prevents the build up of sweat and helps to keep your feet dry. The socks have been designed with a three layer construction, this means they are bonded together to create a single unit with no movement between them. Available in 2 sizes: UK 7-9 and UK 10-12.

    Provides you with a high level of protection
    Great insulation for use in colder weather conditions
    Features a breathable membrane
    Prevents the build up of sweat
    Helps to keep your feet dry
    Designed with a three layer construction
    Bonded together to create a single unit
    Available in 2 sizes: UK 7-9 and UK 10-12

Beanie Hat:

A stylish beanie hat that's perfect for winter fishing, this Guru fashion statement also features a peak which keeps the low winter sun out of your eyes, giving you clear sight of the water in front of you, and giving you a better chance of a more productive session on any venue.

One size fits all.

Bobble Hat:

Bold, bright, and strikingly stylish – this bobble hat is everything that Guru is about, and brings the brand’s dynamic, youth-orientated future focus front and centre with this practical piece of bankside  clothing that will keep you warm on chilly spring and autumn days, as well as keeping your ears covered, and toasty warm, on winter banksides.

Bobble hats are ideal for days that are dry but chilly, giving you the warmth you need, without the restrictions of a hood. Keep warm, keep a clear view of the water; get yourself a Guru ‘Nanny Pat’ bobble hat, and become the talk of your local venue.

Offering style and substance in a design that’s unmistakably Guru, this bobble hat is the ideal way to draw attention on the bank – just make sure you’ve got the tackle and technique to keep those eyes on you for the right reasons!

Whatever your age, you can always rock a bright, bold Guru bobble!

Crew Neck Jumper:

A smart, stylish casual sweater, this crew neck jumper from Guru is presented in classic black, with contrasting collar and cuffs in slate grey, giving you an eye catching, contemporary look that works well on any venue, and is idea when you're stocking up your tackle bag, cleaning down your gear, or simply enjoying a bankside social.

Available in sizes M-XXXL, these jumpers feature a bold logo on the back, completing the instantly recognisable Guru look. A high neck keeps the wind at bay, while the sweater's construction allows complete freedom of movement, and keeps you comfortable during your spring and autumn fishing.

Competition Pro Sunglasses:

With an unmistakable black and orange frame, these polarised sunglasses from Guru give you clear sight in any situation.

Designed to minimise glare, and give you optimal sight of the subsurface activity in any light conditions, from overcast autumn days to bright summer sun, allowing you to make the most of any conditions, on any venue.

Supplied with a carry case, these sunglasses are ready to travel wherever your angling takes you.

Wool Socks:

Naturally breathable, highly durable and superb insulation! The perfect aid for anglers venturing out in the colder months