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Guru Reaper Rod Rest Feeder Rest Double Pole Sock XL Rear or Front Carp Fishing

Guru Reaper Rod Rest Feeder Rest Double Pole Sock XL Rear or Front Carp Fishing

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Rear Rod Rest:

Another high quality product from Team Guru will sure be in great demand. The guys at Guru have included some interesting features to make this a must have item for the modern commercial angler.

    Splayed arm design makes it easy to locate.
    Option to "lock in" the rod butt.
    Specially designed line runners allow the Rear Reaper Rest to double up as a front rest.
    Soft "overmoulded" centre provides extra grip.
    Brass 3/8" BSF thread.
    Rubber "O" ring to aid correct alignment.

Multi Positional Rest:

The ultimate adjustable feeder rest.
12 Different positions.
11 Different rod positions.
Adjustable arms prevent rod being pulled off the rest on savage bites.
Over-moulded design helps protect and grip the rod.
Specially designed line runners prevent the line being trapped against the rod blank.
Suitable for all styles of feeder fishing.
Compact, robust design.

Double Pole Sock:

The ultimate in pole section storage.
Unique in possessing three separate pole retaining options - two pole socks and middle, 'Tulip' grip.
The reaper pole section retainer will house anything from a No. 4 up to a 16m section.
Pole socks are both set at the optimum depth for easy storage of sections.
Frame coated in pole-friendly EVA foam.
Compact, practical design.

Rear Rod Rest:

XL version of the Reaper front rest

This new rest is ideal for feeder fishing. it has lots of small grooves to let your line run feeely and being long and flat is ideal when 'dragging back' your rod to make a bite.

Measures 480mm long and has an adjustable Reaper stop which will stop your rod from being pulled in whatever the angle you have the rest.