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Guru Pulse Pro Mono Line 5 - 10lbs Low Stretch 300m Carp Fishing Tackle

Guru Pulse Pro Mono Line 5 - 10lbs Low Stretch 300m Carp Fishing Tackle

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    Super high-performance modern line
    Extra low stretch for enhanced bite detection
    Fine diameter but very high strength
    Smooth nature, for easy casting and distance
    Incredible abrasion resistance
    Natural green colour is very subtle
    Line marker sticker at 150m on the 300m spool
    Long lasting line retains all qualities for a long period
    Four sizes available

This super-high-quality line is developed using the latest Guru technology to offer ultra low-stretch and high-performance. This extra low stretch for enhanced bite detection and increases the durability of the line when playing with the bigger fish.

The Pulse Pro line sports a fine diameter to aid casting distance,  but this does not compromise its exceptional strength, benefiting from being incredibly abrasion-resistant. This makes the Pulse Pro a long-lasting line that retains all the qualities for a long period of specimen fishing.

With a smooth nature felt when casting and retrieving this line is super easy for casting the rod at superb distances. The colour of the line is also helpful, featuring a natural green tint that blends into riverbeds seamlessly. This causes less suspicion from the fish and more catches!

Guru has also added a helpful line marker sticker at 150m, which is the halfway mark of the 300m spool. This is great to give anglers that love to play when retrieving a hooked fish with a gauge of just how much line they have to run with, passing the tackle box line test.

There are four different sizes available, select from 0.18mm diameter with a breaking strain of 5.3lb (2.4kg), the 0.20mm diameter with breaking strain of 6.1lb (2.8kg), the 0.24mm diameter with 8.8lb / 4kg breaking strain or the largest of the selection, the 0.27mm diameter with a breaking strain of 10.2lb  (4.6kg). Depending on the fishery you attend and the fish you are likely to catch these lines all offer something to step up your match or specimen angling.

For a super high-performance modern line, look no further than Guru Pulse Pro.