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Guru N-Gauge Feeder Rod Range 2pc 9ft / 10ft / 11ft Carp F1 Fishing

Guru N-Gauge Feeder Rod Range 2pc 9ft / 10ft / 11ft Carp F1 Fishing

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N-Gauge 9’ Feeder:

The N-Gauge 9’ Feeder rod is the shortest in the N-Gauge range and designed for short chucks on commercial venues, such as snake lakes or casts up to around 25m.

The 9’ N-Gauge has a soft progressive action that is suited perfectly to short range method feeder work for species like F1’s and carp, but it still has plenty of backbone to land large match sized carp.

N-Gauge 10’ Feeder:

The N-Gauge 10’ Feeder is a true all-rounder and truly excels when fishing the Hybrid, method or bomb up to islands or short to medium range open water work.

The 10’ N-Gauge has plenty of power, but still retains a soft through action that will land a small 10oz skimmer, but comfortably tame a double figure hard-fighting carp.  

N-Gauge 11’ Feeder:

The 11’ N-Gauge Feeder rod is a proper versatile weapon! It can be fished at short ranges if required, but it has bit more power and guts that the 10’ which means you can cast further and more accurately.

The action of the rod again mirrors the 9 and 10’ rods, a soft progressive action, but still plenty of power in the core to comfortably handle big double figure commercial carp.