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Guru Micro Split Shot or Cube Refill Tubs All Sizes Fishing Tackle

Guru Micro Split Shot or Cube Refill Tubs All Sizes Fishing Tackle

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Micro Shot:

Available in a range of sizes so that you have every size available to suit your rigs. These come in a nifty container that has a seamless corner opening to make getting to them easier and to also reduce spillage. Superb value for money, these are soft, well-cut and easy to use even on thicker diameter lines.

Micro Cube:

Supplied in a compact container that's easy to store, Guru Micro Cubes offer a revolutionary new approach to angling shot design. Their square shape means they're less likely to ping off the line, which can be a problem with traditional, round profile shot, while their lead construction ensures they're just as practical in any angling application as their classically designed counterparts.

A deep cut central slot makes it easy to position the micro cubes on your line, and the square profile can easily accommodate larger line diameters.

Available in a range of sizes to suit all fishing styles and applications, Guru Micro Cubes are the modern definition of quality end tackle weighting.