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Guru Hooks to Nylon Rigs Method Band Pellet Waggler Kaizen Pole Special Fishing

Guru Hooks to Nylon Rigs Method Band Pellet Waggler Kaizen Pole Special Fishing

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Method Hair Rigs:

Complete with Speed Stop for ease of putting baits on, which is deigned for use on  pellets , drilled pellets and Boilies,  Meat, corn, worms etc & plastic baits too. Through their vast combined commercial-water experience, the Guru team believed that the perfect length for a method rig was four inches. This allows the bait to be presented among the free bait that has dropped off the feeder. They coupled the N-Gauge hook link with the Guru MWG hook, which is an awesomely strong, versatile pattern. The lads decided on figure-of-eight loops for ultimate knot strength and a piece of silicone on the hair to keep the bait and hook in the optimum hooking position.

Available sizes: 14 & 16 (4" length)

Bait Band Rigs:

Bait bands are vital when fishing with pellets, which is standard tactics on commercial waters.
As such, our ready rigs are now available with Guru Bait Bands attached to the hair.  
All the rigs are tied with the reliable MWG hooks.

Available sizes: 14, 16 & 18 (4" length)

Pellet Waggler Rigs:

This Pellet Waggler Rig is perfect for use under a pellet waggler float. These rigs feature the Pellet Waggler hook, which has been designed for this purpose. It's a super-wide-gaped pattern, which will allow you to hook more fish. The Wasabi point is durable and sharp, which is the most important aspect of any hook.

Available sizes: 14, 16 & 18 (15" length)

F1 Pellet Pole Rig:

F1 pellet spade end barbless hooks. Perfect hook size to line strength ratio. Tied to Guru N-Gauge line. Perfectly tied spade end hook. Figure of eight loop for easy connection. Ideal for use with Pellets, Corn, Meat, etc.

Available sizes: 14, 16 & 18 (6" length)

XS Carp Pole Rig:

XS spade end barbless hooks. Perfect hook size to line strength ratio. Tied to Guru N-Gauge line. Perfectly tied spade end hook. Figure of eight loop for easy connection.
Available sizes: 12, 14 & 16 (6" length)

Kaizen Pole Rigs:

Pre-prepared and set to be used straight from the packet, these are simply superb for anglers who prefer to spend more time fishing, and less time with finicky tackle. Equipped with their state-of-the-art hooks, each one will be sure to do wonders during a match!

Available sizes: 14, 16 & 18 (6" length)

Pole Special Rigs:

By popular demand! Since launching the Pole Special hooks, anglers have asked and asked about getting these ready-tied...here they are! Some anglers struggle to tie light lines and small hooks, and dont have time to do so in todays busy world, so having these ready tied to an immaculate standard is sure to help a lot of anglers out. Perfect for natural venues, featuring the lethally sharp, extra durable but lightweight, black-nickel wire Pole Special hooks! These have a long point for extra security and stay sharp throughout, even during intense bagging sessions! The long shank makes unhooking quick and easy. Tied to our more finesse N-Gauge Pro line in 0.08mm size 22, 0.09mm size 20 and 0.10mm size 18, with the bigger 16 and 14 sizes tied to the reliable 0.11mm and 0.13mm N-Gauge. These ready rigs have also been tied at 8 inches long, something out natural venue experts and European team required, a more favorable length for fishing natural baits on natural venues. These can easily be cut down to suit individual preferences. That little bit more length for a natural fall-in to fool more fish seems to work a treat! As always, these fit straight in the 8inch pins on the large and XL Rig Cases, so you can be fully loaded in minutes!

QM1 Bait Bands:

The all-conquering QM1 hooks are now available on ready-tied rigs, in 15 and 4-inch versions and with Speedstop, bayonet and bait band attachment options. The 15-inch versions are supplied on EVA spools, so they can be dropped straight into the Guru Rig Box and the 4-inch versions can be housed in the Rig Case

LWGS Pole Rigs:

A great new range of ready-tied rigs designed with the pole angler in mind.
There are three different hook patterns available and each is tied with a bayonet-style hair rig, making them all ideal for baits such as pellets, corn, meat and mini boilies, and each rig is 6 inches long.
At the lighter end of the scale you have the F1 Pellet Rigs, which as the name suggests is perfect for targeting F1s, and these PTFE-coated F1 Pellet barbless hooks are tied to a suitable diameter N-Gauge line.
They come in a range of sizes, from a size 14 to 0.15mm line right down to a size 22 to 0.11mm, with a size 16 to 0.13mm, and both the size 18 and 20 tied to 0.11mm N-Gauge.
If you need something more heavy duty, then the LWG Spade End rigs are the perfect choice and come in a variety of sizes to different breaking strain lines to cover pretty much any pole angling situation.