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Guru Fusion Luggage Range Bait Net Bag Carryall Rod Holder Waterproof Fishing

Guru Fusion Luggage Range Bait Net Bag Carryall Rod Holder Waterproof Fishing

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Fusion 400:

Strong, stylish, lightweight and versatile, the Fusion range offers the perfect storage solution for a wide range of Guru products and accessories. Primarily designed to hold up to 6 small Guru Rig Cases, the generous four litre capacity of the Fusion 400 provides ample room for a multitude of tackle items.

    Water resistant
    Lightweight & versatile
    Strong and durable 0.8mm EVA fabric
    Super smooth reversed zip
    Tinted lid protects from sunlight & provides convenient view of contents
    Easy Clean

Fusion 800:

With its impressive eight litre capacity the Fusion 800 will carry up to 6 large Guru Rig Cases. Alternatively it can be used to swallow up a huge number of tackle items.

    Water resistant
    Lightweight & versatile
    Strong and durable 0.8mm EVA fabric
    Super smooth reversed zip
    Tinted lid protects from sunlight & provides convenient view of contents
    Easy clean

Fusion 420:

Primarily designed to hold up to 3 large Guru Rig Cases, the generous four litre plus capacity of the Fusion 420 provides ample room for a multitude of tackle items.

    Water resistant
    Lightweight & versatile
    Strong and durable 0.8mm EVA fabric
    Super smooth reversed zip
    Tinted lid protects from sunlight & provides convenient view of contents
    Easy clean

Fusion Catapult Bag:

The ultimate catapult storage system! Designed to store all sizes of Guru catapults. It will also house spare elastics and pouches with the tinted, waterproof lid keeping everything in perfect condition, protected from damp and sunlight, which can accelerate deterioration.

Dimensions: 210mm width, 180mm length, 100mm height.

Fusion Bait Pro 300 + 400 Combo:

The Fusion 400 Bait Pro will protect your bait from the elements, keeping it in excellent condition. Inside is the smaller 300 Bait Pro, which is the perfect vessel for holding an additional groundbait, pellets or maggots during your session.

    Water resistant
    Lightweight & versatile
    Strong and durable 0.8mm EVA fabric
    Super smooth reversed zip
    Tinted lid protects from sunlight & provides convenient view of contents
    Easy clean

Fusion Bait Pro 200 + 300 Combo:

This baiting system is made from rugged, wipe-clean EVA and consists of two bowls, the 300 Bait Pro and the 200. The 200 fits snugly inside the 300 for storage. The EVA is totally waterproof, which means that it can simply be wiped clean at the end of the session! It's also incredibly lightweight.

    Lightweight, rugged EVA bait tubs
    Two tubs supplied, the smaller of which fits inside the large one
    The EVA is waterproof and so can be wiped clean that the end of the session.
    Perfect for all baits!

Fusion 210:

Compact and practical, the Fusion 210 will safely carry an array of end tackle items.

    Water resistant
    Lightweight & versatile
    Strong and durable 0.8mm EVA fabric
    Super smooth reversed zip
    Tinted lid protects from sunlight & provides convenient view of contents
    Easy clean

Fusion Net Bag:

Part of Guru's contemporary, practical, and stylish Fusion range, the Guru EVA Fusion Net Bag easily accommodates up to four 3m keepnets and a landing net, as well as seat box side trays, making it a must-have luggage option for the active match angler, and offering the ultimate solution to tackle storage woes.

The Velcro adjustable front pocket accommodates large side trays, or can be used to store riddles and folding groundbait buckets.  Reinforced seams ensure that, even fully loaded with everything you'll need for a weekend tournament, this durable net bag from Guru will hold up, and give you complete peace of mind on any session.

With dimensions of 60cm x 21cm x 55cm, this is a net carrier that's big enough for all your ambitions, with the waterproof, wipe clean functionality of EVA making it a go-to match fishing choice.

If you're looking for reliable strength with plenty of space, then this is the ideal angling luggage option for all your keepnets, landing nets, and match fishing tournament accessories.

Key features:
    EVA base
    Storage for up to 4 3m keepnets & a landing net
    Side tray and riddle storage
    Wipe clean

Fusion Base Carryall:

A carryall designed for the modern match angler, the Guru Fusion EVA Base Carryall features a moulded, reinforced base, made from wipe clean, waterproof EVA that's designed to withstand the demands of an active angling lifestyle, and allows you to set your fully-packed carryall down anywhere you need to be, without worrying about either the bag or the contents getting damp, or risking sharp stones or wood splinters tearing through your luggage.

Completely waterproof, the carryall comes in at 58cm x 27cm x 42cm, boasting two main compartments; one that's ideal for heavy duty metal ware, and the other which is longer, and a good place to pack your XL rig cases.  Strong and durable, an adjustable padded shoulder strap makes it comfortable and easy to get your carryall out to any peg on the largest venues, and gives you the confidence that comes from having hardwearing angling luggage that's built to last.

Pairing design with performance, the Guru Fusion range sets you up for success, wherever you're fishing, and whichever species you're pursuing.

Fusion Four Rod Holder:

Protective rod bag designed to accommodate ready made rods and reels, plus more! Holds up to 6 rods (4 comfortably) plus landing net, accessories, bait brolly etc with ease.

Quality hard-case layer to give maximum protection of expensive rods and reels, and an extra durable padded carry handle and shoulder strap, with super strong stitching.

Reinforced base to stop any wear and tear, giving durability in this vital area.

Full length, large, waterproof and durable zips to make access very easy, and a base handle to facilitate loading in and out of vehicles.

    Two Internal pockets to hold extra accessories such as measuring sticks, bait brolly, feeder arm etc
    Padded, flexible central panel for neatness and more protection
    Wipe clean finish, helping to keep the rod holder looking super smart at all times

Fusion Float 190 & 350:

Guru now have your float protection covered with 2 x different sized float storage systems. Designed to house various lengths and shapes, these are ideal for protecting delicate wagglers! The short "Fusion Float 190" is primarily aimed at pellet wagglers. The longer "Fusion Float 350" is primarily aimed at traditional type wagglers. Made from the usual hard case wipe clean EVA material, they will match your existing Fusion luggage.

Fusion Bait Pro:

Coming in at 50cm x 27cm x 28cm, the Guru Bait Pro is the essential match angling luggage option, designed to store and transport all your bait, bait tubs, riddles, and bait tools. An internal under lid pocket is a convenient, secure place to store your wallet and car keys, while a handy side pocket is perfect for pole pots and chopped worm scissors.

A reinforced base allows you to set the Bait Pro down beside you on your peg, with a fully waterproof coating that ensures your bait and tackle essentials stay in the best possible condition, no matter what the weather does when you're ready to head out.

A strong, durable bait carryall, with oversized zips for security and easy access, the Guru Bait Pro is the professional way to get all the bait for your session needs out to your peg, and keep it beside you for easy access, and a smoother, more efficient angling experience.

Guru Fusion Cases, These are small, neat, lightweight and compact storage items in the Fusion range, perfect for storing small select items if fishing a local venue where you know exactly what gear you need. The ideal storage system for feeders, pole pots, or to keep terminal tackle items neat and tidy on and off the bank. The Fusion 110 and 150 Luggage is water resistant, and the transparent lid allows you to easily identify what is in your cases! Made from 0.8mm EVA fabric, the material is durable with extra hardwearing zips. You can also wipe clean the material very easily! 150 Dimensions: 121mm width, 225mm length, 58mm height. 110 Dimensions: 117mm width, 190mm length, 58mm height.

The Guru Fusion Bags are made of high quality 0.8 mm EVA material that is 100% waterproof. These practical bags are available in 3 different sizes and are perfect for storing and transporting different essential accessories such as feeders, rigs, floats, spools, etc. The Fusion 110, 150 and 210 are the slightly smaller models in the series and feature a practical tinted lid that can be easily zipped closed to protect valuables or bait from rain and sun. The bags feature wide and sturdy zips and the material is easy to clean.

600 Pro Bait:

Knowledge is power, and knowing that your bait will stay fresh for as long as you want to stay on the water is the power to deliver on your session ambitions.

That fresh bait storage comes courtesy of the Guru Fusion 600 Bait Pro Case, a strong, stylish, lightweight bait box branded with the sharp, vivid colours anglers everywhere associate with the vibrant, youthful tackle company that is taking the scene by storm, and working with some fantastic pro-anglers, including Dean Macey, Steve Ringer, and Andy Pell, to produce iconic fishing tackle and accessories that will stand the test of time, and deliver on the performance needs and session expectations of anglers across the sport’s disciplines.

Whether you’re carp fishing on a stunningly landscaped commercial lake, stalking pike in urban waters, warily watching the water and the competition during a tense match session with plenty of action, or heading for a life on the ocean waves, and seeing what lurks beneath the surf, Guru has the knowledge, and the power, to make your fishing experience better than you could ever imagine, and take you far beyond the limits other tackle companies have imposed over the years.

The Fusion 600 Bait Pro is wipe clean, meaning it can quickly be made ready to use again, with different bait, on another watercourse, where you’re after different fish, giving you freedom from the hassle of having to have a seemingly inexhaustible supply of good-quality bait boxes that will look good on the bank as well as holding up to the demands of their core function.

Fitting in perfectly with the wider Fusion range of bait and tackle containers, the Fusion 600 Bait Pro is a striking, stylish option to add to your angling arsenal, and will definitely bring you some admiring glances on the bank: choose the right bait for your Fusion 600, and the conditions you’re heading out to, and those looks will turn to second glances.

Fusion X Case:

Guru Fusion X-Case Top Kit Case, Long awaited! A specific luggage item to safely store top kits for a pole! Top kits need to be organised and safe, and many anglers carry an array with them nowadays, often ready made-up with rigs attached. The X-Case is designed to ensure these expensive and important items are kept neat, organised and more importantly safe!

Key Features:

    Safe, neat, organised storage and transportation solution for pole top kits
    Made from super strong reinforced material to ensure expensive pole sections wont be damaged
    Stores up to 30 top kits
    Inside height measures 185cm
    Two sided
    Long enough to accommodate one-piece Shallow top kits
    Two elastic retaining straps per side for security and neatness
    Base net pocket for further security and neatness
    Inner shell is cloth coated for further protection
    Also ideal for storing spare No4 and No5 sections
    Interlocking carry handles
    Oversized re-enforced zip pullers
    Super-strong full-length zip opening for easy access
    Fits inside Fusion Pole and XL Pole holdalls with ease

Pole Holdall/ XL Pole Holdall:

With the capacity to safely store up to 6 pole tubes, along with your pole top kits and other accessories, the Guru Fusion Pole Holdall Standard pairs well with the Guru Fusion Hooklength case, giving you a smart, contemporary look that will draw attention on any venue, and give you the quiet confidence that comes from looking good, and that will turn any peg into a flyer, putting you ahead of the competition, and well on the way to success, no matter what venue you're fishing, or what the conditions are like.

Fully padded for complete protection, the Guru Fusion is a pole holdall that respects the investment you've made in your match fishing essentials, and gives you the best chance of ensuring that your quality fishing pole and top kits last you for many seasons to come – and hopefully repay your investment in match winnings!  Internal zip compartments allow you to safely store and transport your long tackle accessories, such as baiting spoons, while staggered pockets accommodate a range of accessories, including pole elastics and terminal tackle, whilst balancing the weight of the holdall, and making it easy to carry, a practicality backed up by the strong, padded shoulder strap.

A stylish luggage option made from carbon effect leather, the Fusion is a hardwearing, practical way to protect your match fishing poles, and carries equally well in hand, or on a tackle trolley.

If you're looking to make a statement whilst making sure your tackle is always in the best condition, however active your angling, then make the right choice, and bring some Fusion into your life.

Fusion Q Case:

A super strong reinforced hard shell container for keeping and transporting your valuable quivertips. Taking up to 100 tips in one go, the full length zip allows you easy access while the tips themselves are secured in place with locator pockets and elasticated straps inside.      


    Hardcase protection for quiver tips
    Made from super strong reinforced material to ensure expensive quiver tips won’t be damaged
    Holds up to 100 quiver tips
    Inside height measures 77cm, long enough for all quivertips
    Deluxe, two-sided carry case and storage systems
    Elasticated straps to keep tips separated and organised
    Full length zip opening for easy access
    Designed to fit inside Fusion Rod inner pocket
    Pockets at the base of the case prevent quiver tips rattling against each other

Fusion Cool Bag:

New to Guru's Fusion Luggage range comes this awesome Cool Bag. Made to the same high standards of other products in the Fusion Range, you can rest assured that the new Guru Fusion Coolbag will get the job done.

The Guru Fusion Cool Bag is made from a tough and hard wearing material that will take years of punishment and featuring a rigid design that maximises space. The Guru Fusion Cool Bag comes in a slate grey colour which looks great on the bank. The cool bag also features oversized zips for easy access along with strong carry handles that lock together and a comfortable shoulder strap.

The inside of the bag is fully insulated to keep all your baits and food cool and dry and also features a handy pocket in the lid to help keep everything organised.

The new Guru Fusion Coolbag is released February 15th 2020 and is expected to sell out. So pre-order quickly to avoid missing out!  You can also check out other luggage in the Guru Fusion range.

Fusion XL Carryall:

This item is designed to store many larger and more bulky items - primarily pole rollers! The XL Carryall holds two XL Pole Rollers (All brands present rollers fit, including Rive) with easehere’s also ample storage for other items in there, such as pole rests and roosts, feeder arms, seatbox and side-tray legs and more.

Aside from the main storage compartment, there are two large front pockets, perfect for smaller accessories, Rig Cases, and even the Fusion Feederbox fits in them perfect! Inside the main compartments on each side there is elasticated mesh netting to secure and keep any smaller items safe.

Storage space is also available in the underlid top zip compartment - perfect for angler’s wallets, phone and keys when fishing.

Like all the luggage range, the entire piece is made from extra durable materials throughout, capable of holding heavy weights that will be carried in such a system. Oversized sips and bespoke Guru zip pullers are built to last, and there is both a hand carry strap with a Velcro grip, and an adjustable detachable shoulder strap that is exceptionally comfortable.