Gunki Spinner Crank Plug Hard Soft Bait Pliers Clothing Cap Perch Pike Fishing

Gunki Spinner Crank Plug Hard Soft Bait Pliers Clothing Cap Perch Pike Fishing

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Gigan 39F:

Shallow crankbait that can be fished up to 60cm deep is ideal for covering large amounts of water looking for surface and sub-surface feeding predators. Fitted with a curved lip that will dive immediately the moment you start retrieving. This lure is ideal for "slow floating" retrieves working the lure back at different speeds and alternating this with frequent pauses. Internal weight transfer guarantees great casting performance.

Action: Wobbnroll
Model: Floating
Weight: 4.7g
Depth: 0.6mm
Size: 39mm

D-Gigan 39F:

Deeper diving version of our GIGAN 39. This completes your arsenal for days when the fish are reluctant to leave deeper water.

Action: Wobbnroll
Model: Floating
Weight: 4.9g
Depth: 1m
Size: 39mm

D-Gigan 46 F:

We designed this diminutive 46mm GIGAN to dive quickly and seek out the biggest stripeys. The weight transfer system helps accurate long range casting and gets the lure down through the water column. Great for fishing around structures and the edges of weed beds. The action is a suble blend of rolling and wobbling offering little water resistance making it very easy to retrieve. Ideal when perch are holed up along overgrown and snaggy banks. Comes with a ring below the bib for adding an extra weight to really get the bait down deep and fish it like a tiny crankbait!

Action: Wobbnroll
Model: Floating
Weight: 7.6g
Depth: 1.8m
Size: 46mm

Kraken 55 F:

Buoyant crankbaits that are perfect for fishing in the snaggiest of swims. Kraken lures displace loads of water thanks to their chunky body shape and this coupled with their frenetic wobble and roll action (from the square bib) mean fish just can't miss them! They cast well and dive to about 1 metre. Weighing in at 9.6g and 14.6g these lures work best when wound back hard. Predators simply can't resist!

Action: Wobbnroll
Model: Floating
Weight: 9.6g
Depth: 1m
Size: 55mm

Dogora 65 F:

Here is a shallow crankbait that displaces lots of water despite its modest size. The head swings from left to right in a wiggling action that coupled with a flat and deep body and unique vibrations make this a particularly attractive lure for pike. But rest assured all predators will have a go at a Dogora (it is just the pike that often get there first!)

Boomer 21G:

Gunki chatterbait designed to imitate the small reptiles found in our waterways. Highly visible signal eye has a hypnotic effect through the water and give fish a focus point for attacks. Fitted with a deliberately small blade to give off discrete vibrations ideal on pressured venues. Chatterbaits combine different vibrations from the blade and the bulky silicone skirt with flashing attraction from the eye and the blade itself. This is a great roving lure with a compact, loaded body. Works particularly well in overgrown and snaggy swims. Great for pike, perch, black bass and even catfish!

Action:    Flashing & Vibrating
Model: Sinking
Weight: 21g
Depth: 0.10m - 1.5m


Unique head design ensures that the Spinnaker has a low balance point which helps keep the lure stable when retrieved and more horizontal as it sinks. Great for slow rolling type retrieves. This spinnerbait has a few other special features. Great balance is also an advantage when power fishing as it stays stable when drawn between obstacles. The silicone skirt, made up of 24 separate silicone strands, makes the bait sway naturally and look like a much bigger prey fish. 0.9mm stainless wire needle has the right balance between strength and flexibiliy. The oversized Willow blade gives a "parachute" effect as the bait sinks. Fitted with a quality bearing swivel that starts rotating immediately. The skirt is secured by wire thread whipping, the wire needle is soldered to trap the Willow blade, a realistic 3D eye, secure fitting for taking a trailer bait, rubber security ring on the needle. This is a top quality versatile lure that can be adapted to any fishing situation!

Size 1/2 features:
    Willow #5 Blade
    Colorado #2 Blade
    Mustad 4/0 Hook
    Weight: 14g
    Depth: 1 - 2.5m

Size 3/4 features:
    Willow #6 Blade
    Colorado #2 Blade
    Mustad 5/0 Hook
    Weight: 21g
    Depth: 1.5 - 3.5m

Gunki Whiz:

The body shape of the WHIZ has all the same great qualities found in the KIDDY. We have worked hard on creating the perfect imitation of a prey fish. The silhouette is identical to a small fish, the oversized realistic eye, the rounded pectoral fin are designed to attract predators preying on fry. The long shad type tail gives off lively but tight vibrations that work particularly well on perch and zander. The long tail vibrates at the slightest movement so is also perfect for statis approaches such as drop shotting. When twitched the whole body starts moving in a tight rolling action making the flanks flash seductively. There is a slit along the back for Texan style hooks. Great all-round lure for finesse style tactics on pressurised venues where bites are delicate and fish are focused on preying on small fry. Flavoured with shellfish attractant.

2" specs:
Weight: 0.69g
Qty/pack: 12

Gunki Tipsy-S:

Our two TIPSY baits are tiny. Measuring less than 4 centimetres each (28mm to be precise) these baits have a nervous wriggling action that is ideal for ultra-light styles on freshwater and rock fishing. The body shape is wider than it is long which helps give the bait stability particularly when fished drop shotting or on extra light jigheads. The body is not totally solid but built like a skeleton with rings of material round a central spine which give the bait great freedom of movement either on still or straight back style retrieves. perch and trout will find this lure easy to take.

    Weight: 0.75g
    Length: 1.5"
    Qty/Pack: 15

G'round Black Silver:

A classic round leaded head that will take any lure type and can be fished with and style. Dense, stable and well balanced. Our round head gives off a strong eye signal to predators that focus attacks on the head itself guaranteeing cleaner hooking and less fish lost. This compact head offers little water resistance and can be worked easily round snags.

3 pieces per pack.

G'round Neutral:

An all-time classic! A round head that can be used on any type of lure and for any technique you can think of! Chunky and stable with a signal eye to focus takes and improve your strike rate. The compact shape helps cut through water and bounce round snags.

1 piece per pack.

Sleeve Cutting Pliers:

Carbon steel. Ergonomic non-slip handle.

Available in 5' or 5.5'.

Darksmoke Hoodie:

Comfortably cut charcoal grey hoodie. 80% cotton, 20% polyester. Kangaroo pocket.

Darksmoke T-shirt:

Classy charcoal grey Tee featuring the Gunki logo. 65% polyester and 35% cotton. Classic cut with round neck. Very comfortable.

Trucker Hat:

Stylish Trucker style hat featuring 100% cotton front section and nylon mesh at the back. Embroidered Gunki logo. Single size featuring adjustable snap back.

Available in black or brown.

Polarised Sunglasses:

Category 3 sunglasses. Light frame for extra comfort. Supplied in a protective bag.