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Gardner Skorpion Throwing Stiks Bait Boilie Thrower Green or Yellow Carp Fishing

Gardner Skorpion Throwing Stiks Bait Boilie Thrower Green or Yellow Carp Fishing

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The ‘Skorpion Stik’ throwing sticks have been designed to afford the boilie angler the absolute highest performance possible in terms of accuracy, range and power. In testing these sticks consistently out performed all others in every way!

18mm (Range 90m+) – By popular demand we have now developed a shorter, lighter stick best suited for baiting with larger quantites of smaller baits, with minimal effort.
22mm (Range 100m+) – A great stick for all general long range baiting.
25mm (Range 110m+) – For longer range fishing (or when avoiding bream!), larger boilies need more power.
30mm (Range 125m+) – The ultimate ultra long range stick for the biggest boilies. The 30mm version features a tapered handle making it easier to grip the wider shaft firmly – absolutely necessary when you are using maximum force firing boilies to the horizon!

    Suitable for boilies up to 18mm/22mm/25mm/30mm in diameter.
    With practice, and a hard bait, boilies can easily be hurled over 100m.
    Made from the finest grade PVC for an extremely lightweight yet maintaining remarkable strength and durability.
    Heat resistant – Skorpion Stiks will not warp, melt or break in hot conditions, or any conditions!
    All Skorpion Stiks feature a ‘Swan Neck Shaft’ designed to accelerate the bait to a faster velocity than standard straight shaft throwing sticks (by kicking the boilie back at the start of the swing, this increases the centrifugal force generated and gives the bait more speed at the end of the swing).
    Modified exit channel gives maximum stability and pinpoint accuracy.
    Non slip, soft touch, double handed grip designed to suit hands of all sizes.
    Made in the UK.