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Gardner Hydroflex Copolymer Hooklink 20m Dark Weedy Green Fishing

Gardner Hydroflex Copolymer Hooklink 20m Dark Weedy Green Fishing

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A copolymer hooklink providing an ultra strong and reliable alternative to the Braided, Skinned and Fluorocarbon hook lengths the fish are used to seeing (and sussing out) on a regular basis!

Never underestimate the benefits of ringing the changes and doing the unexpected…Hydro Flex is a handy, affordable option to have at your disposal for when your normal tactics don’t seem to be working.

A next generation, extra supple, ultra strong and abrasion resistant hooklink.

    Superb silky-smooth finish and low memory, essential for the best possible bait presentation.
    Extreme abrasion resistance, shock resistance and phenomenal knot strength.
    Level Winding virtually eliminates flat spots giving near-zero memory and ensures that Hydro Flex arrives to you in pristine condition for optimum performance.
    Dark weedy green colour blends in seamlessly with almost any lake and river beds.