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Gardner HD-Floater Low-Viz Main Line Fishing

Gardner HD-Floater Low-Viz Main Line Fishing

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Giving you a smooth finish and soft feel, this line has been tailored for small, light float fishing, and is particularly well-suited to fishing with controller floats. Supplied on 250m level wound spools, this line flows out with a pristine presentation, and offers virtually no reflection on the water, allowing you to take a subtle approach to your angling.

A buoyant line with minimal stretch, Gardner HD Floater is a clear, unobtrusive line that allows you to take your float fishing performance further.

Available in a variety of breaking strains, this line is readily tailored to the needs of your fishing, putting you ahead of the competition.

Key Features

    Smooth finish and soft feel enables easy casting with small lightweight controller floats.
    HD-Floater is supplied on 250m level wound spools which ensure the line is pristine when spooled up.
    Perfect Stretch Performance for Floater Fishing