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Gardner Bug Indicator Mini to Maxi Bug Arm or Weights or Cradle Carp Fishing

Gardner Bug Indicator Mini to Maxi Bug Arm or Weights or Cradle Carp Fishing

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Bug Indicators:

An extremely versatile, top quality bobbin/hanger indicator designed from scratch to fulfil all the needs of the expert Carp angler. Available in 4 sizes to cover a variety of fishing situations and conditions.
Dual position precision line clip moulded in reinforced nylon – will not damage your line.
Extended ‘antennae’ will grip line, thus allowing the angler to fish slack lines and avoid wind bleeps for the ultimate in presentation.
Tight lines – with or without back leads – can be fished as normal. Simply pass line through the clip for a running bobbin.
Supplied with 15cm Anti-Rust Ball Chain. 30cm and 2.5cm Anti-Rust Ball Chains are also available.
Quick and easy to convert, just screw the parts together in seconds.

sizes and weights:

Mini Bug Bobbin – 36mm thin – White: 10 grams, Colours: 8 grams
Mega Bug Bobbin – 22mm fat – 12 grams
Maxi Bug Bobbin – 36mm fat – 20 grams

Bug Arm:

    Twin hinges ensure free movement for indication of lifts and drop backs.
    Unaffected by the wind like chains are.
    Made with 10cm stainless steel arm and fittings.


Each additional slim-line 5 gram stainless steel screw on Bug Weight can be added to your favourite Gardner Bug Indicator Bobbin to increase the weight of the indicator, which will improve bite indication at extreme long range, when fishing close to snags or in weed.

Bug Cradle:

Keep your bobbins off the floor, safe and clean and out of harm’s way.

The Bug Cradle allows you to fish slack lines without your bobbin chain/cord laying on the floor where it can easily get tangled, trodden on or even attacked by rodents!

    Compatible with all Bug Indicators and most other bobbins.
    Lightweight, hi-impact moulded nylon for high quality finish and strength.
    Highly versatile two part design consists of hockey stick and cradle. The cradle component is very easily removed or added to the hockey stick attachment to suit your individual requirements in any swim.
    Excellent value for money.
    Colour: Black.