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Garbolino Top Kits Puller Express Cupping Power Shallow K1 Pole Match Fishing

Garbolino Top Kits Puller Express Cupping Power Shallow K1 Pole Match Fishing

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Puller Top 2 Kits:

G-joint Puller kits which fit all UK series poles - High quality carbon - Pre cut and bushed with quality PTFE and high quality PTFE Garbolino integral puller system- 2.65m - 2 sections.

    Extreme Power Carp Elc:
        Elastic Max: Solid 2.1mm / Hollow 3.2mm
    Specimen Elc:
        Elastic Max: Solid 2.5mm / Hollow 3.8mm

Express Top 2 Kits:

3 different replacement Top kits that will fit all UK series poles.

    Express Match:
        Elastic Max: Solid 1.4mm / Hollow 2.1mm
    Express Power:
        Elastic Max: Hollow 2.7mm
    Express Power Elc:
        Elastic Max: Hollow 3.2mm

UK Series Potting / Cupping Kit:

Ultra rigid potting kit - Wide bore top for rigidity - Cut to the correct length - Fits all G-Joint poles.

2.65m - 65g

Compact Shallow K1:

The perfect shallow kit which replaces the full top 2 kit - Fast rigid action to lift into bites quickly - Fast taper blank for rigidity and perfectly smooth elastication - Short length makes it much easier to land fish quickly.

    Length: 1.8m - 1 Section
    Elastic Max: 2.5mm

Compact Margin K1 Puller Kit:

Made from top quality HM/IM Carbons with a fast taper for added strength, rigidity and smooth flowing elastic. These fantastic top kit have now been made even stronger and perfect for use with heavier elastics down the margins for big carp in shallow water. Using shorter lengths of heavier elastic speeds up the netting process so much. Coupled wit the short 1.82m one piece design of these superb kits, a vast improvement of speed and efficiency of netting fish is acheived which can be paramount over a five hour match. Heron grey in colour gives you more confidence of catching big weights of carp in shallow water without the fear of spooking. Supplied Pre-Bushed.

    1.8m length
    Heron grey finish
    HR/IM Carbon construction
    Fast taper
    Rigid, lightweight & strong

Express Cupping Kit:

Two piece potting kit made from high quality IM/HM carbons. Standard UK range mandrel size compatible with G-Max, UK and 900X mandrel series. 2.6m length when combined.

Standard Leisure Carp Kit:

Developed for the mid-priced / Leisure ranges of poles but fit all 999/900 mandrel poles. Excellent price and quality.
2.7m length, two-piece. Ratings: 2.1 Solid / 3.2 Hollow

Puller Leisure Carp Kit:

A G-Joint puller kit which will fit all UK series poles. Made from high quality carbon, pre-cut and bushed with a high quality PTFE puller system. 2.65m length, comes in two sections.

Rating: 3.2 Hollow